More On WWE Dropping 'Wrestling', The Rock Note, Piper-WWE

More On WWE Dropping 'Wrestling', The Rock Note, Piper-WWE
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-- WWE's edict to move away from using the word "wrestling" to describe WWE reportedly began a while ago. The idea is to present themselves as an "entertainment" company and not be pigeonholed as a "wrestling" promotion.

-- The Rock Tweeted that the first clue for his WrestleMania ticket giveaway today was, "be around the Georgia Dome at 12 noon". He will be posting further clues via Twitter.

-- As noted earlier here on, Roddy Piper hinted at having a WrestleMania 27 surprise on his Twitter account. We'll see tonight.

-- Marc Mero released a book this past November. The book is a motivational book entitled How to be the Happiest Person on the Planet.

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