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Metallica's "For whom the bell tolls" starts playing. After a bit, the song changes to Triple H's theme and he makes his way to the ring. The lights go out.

Undertaker comes out to his new Johnny Cash theme and he heads to the ring amidst a sea of fog.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Triple H gained the early advantage, nailing 'Taker with several right hands. 'Taker tossed Triple H outside of the ring and followed him out. Triple H came in with more punches, but 'Taker threw HHH into the ring steps. Taker cleared the Spanish announce table, but Triple H tackled Undertaker through the "Coal Mine." Taker sat up and looked pissed while Triple H got in the ring and challenged him too get back in.

Back in the ring, Taker nailed HHH with a flying clothesline. Taker grabbed HHH's arm and went for old school, but was thrown off the top. Triple H then clotheslined 'Taker outside of the ring and followed him out. HHH threw Taker into the ringside barrier and then cleared off the announce table. HHH went for a pedigree on the table. Taker grabbed HHH's throat, but HHH got Taker in position again for the pedigree. Undertaker then back bodydropped HHH off of the table.

Undertaker got back in the ring and flew outside of the ring onto "The Game." Taker then charged at HHH, but Triple H reversed and hit a spine buster through the Spanish announce table. Triple H then got Taker back in the ring.

Undertaker surprises Triple H with a chokeslam and gets a two count. Taker hits a headbutt and a kick to the gut and goes for the Last Ride, but HHH charges Taker into the corner. Duelng chants for "Undertaker" and "HHH", with the Taker chants being slightly louder. Triple H started punching Undertaker in the corner, but Taker turned it into a Last Ride. HHH wiggled out and after a series of reversals, hit a spine buster.

Triple H went outside of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He brought it into the ring, but Taker put his boot up and the chair hit HHH in the head. Undertaker then hit HHH in the back with a hard chair shot and went to hit him in the head, but HHH caught the chair, kicked Taker in the gut and hit a pedigree! One...two... Taker is up before three.

It's amazing how much better the announcing is with JR and Lawler. Oh well, back to the match.

HHH in the corner with Taker but Taker grabs HHH and hits the Last Ride for a two count! Taker motioned for a tombstone. Taker got HHH in position and hit the tombstone but only got a two count to a big pop!

Sorry, but my browser crashed and I lost part of the match. HHH hit Undertaker with two more pedigrees for two more near falls. He then hit Taker with a tombstone and got a two count again! HHH then grabbed his trusty sledgehammer from under the ring. Before he could use it, Taker got HHH in Hells Gate!

Taker held HHH in the submission for awhile as HHH fought to get the sledgehammer. HHH is fading. He manages to grab the sledgehammer, but drops it. After several more moments, HHH finally tapped.

The Undertaker defeated Triple H via submission with the Hell's Gate.

The Undertaker isn't moving after the match as an official and the referee tend to him. HHH starts to slowly get up and leaves the ring. Taker is able to be helped outside of the ring, where he collapses again. Taker's music stops playing and he is out on the outside of the ring. Taker is helped back up to his feet and on a stretcher and he is wheeled to the back.

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