Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- As noted earlier, Ariane, who was the first elimination from WWE Tough Enough, has claimed on Twitter that WWE signed her to a deal. She claims to be heading to FCW to train. We're not sure if WWE signed her or if she's paying to train.

-- As a reminder, The Rock appears on Jay Leno tonight.

-- Kevin McGuffey sent this report in: Chris Jericho and Cherly Burke were guests on the Rachael Ray show Tuesday 4/5. The segment began with Ray talking about how she loves the show and how Jericho was the biggest surprise this year and they are her favorites. She asks Jericho about the similarities between Dancing and Wrestling, he said you have be on your toes and light on your feet with both. Ray asked about the skimpy and sometimes wacky costumes to which Jericho said, "I've been wearing spandex and rhinestones for 20 years, so this is nothing. You can't Shock Me."

They next discuss the fact both of them have books out. They talk quite a bit about Burke's book and at the end Cheryl mentions if she added a chapter for Chris it would be called "Pop Culture." That is because she knows nothing about it and he knows everything. She says Jericho called her a "dancing Yoda" and she had no idea what that meant. Jericho also said one time he started talking about David Lee Roth and she once again had no clue, to which Chris said, "he's only the greatest front man in history."

They talk briefly about Undisputed, Chris said he didn't write the books for wrestling fans, but for anyone who has ever had a dream. Rachael asked what the reaction from the wrestling community has been to him being on Dancing. He said that Vince McMahon and others wondered since he was a bad guy, would people be confused seeing him on the show, but so far that hasn't been the case. He told a story of how his kids don't want to watch his matches, but they were in the front row for Dancing and now he is finally the cool Dad.

The segment ended with Chris and Cheryl doing and dance number and Rachael Ray announced the audience would be getting copies of both books. Really good stuff from Jericho, and very interesting WWE was never mentioned by name, only Vince McMahon.

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