Chris Jericho has posted another blog about Dancing With the Stars, this time discussing his tribute performance this last Monday to his mother:

As a performer, there's a goal I set out to accomplish every time I step onto the stage. Whether it's making people cheer (or boo) in the WWE, having people sing along to my songs with Fozzy or engaging people with my books, there's a certain magic that comes with knowing that you've affected people.

When I first agreed to do 'Dancing With the Stars,' after two previous invitations, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. The concept of ballroom dancing was as foreign to me as a Werner Herzog film, and I had no expectations of what I could or couldn't do on the floor. Would I actually be able to do it? Could I entertain people with my moves, my charisma and my showmanship? And, more importantly, could I make them feel something special while they watched me?

The first week I was a jittery jitterson and happy to get it over with. The second week I felt much more comfortable, and I think I surprised some people with the lightness of my footwork. But I still hadn't created any magic.

That changed Monday night, when I danced the rumba to 'Let It Be,' by the Beatles, as a tribute to my mother, Loretta. She passed away in 2005, after having traveled a hard road for the previous 15 years of her life. But she always supported me in anything I did.

It's funny 'cause I don't think she really understood wrestling. She watched the wrestling matches because I was on, but she had no emotional attachment to what I was doing. But she loved dancing! I remember watching 'Solid Gold' (a musical variety show that was on every Saturday night in the early '80s) with her, and she was always impressed with the Solid Gold Dancers, a troupe of hot chicks (or "gals," as she called them) who would appear throughout the show like a glittery version of The Fly Girls. (Carrie Ann Inaba, represent, yo!)

"I would've made a great Solid Gold Dancer," my mom always said. And she would've. My mother was beautiful and sexy -- am I allowed to say that about dear old mum? -- with a dancer's body and a great personality. It's because of this that I know she would be a HUGE 'DWTS' fan and would've watched the show religiously.

She would've been so proud of me for doing the show, and that's one of the main reasons I wanted to dance for her. Doing the 'Let It Be' performance was amazing for me. To dance such a beautifully choreographed routine to one of the best songs by my favorite band, for my mum, almost moved me to tears.

What I didn't expect was that it would move others to tears. All I heard after the show from family, friends and pure strangers was how they had shed a tear when they watched Cheryl Burke and I perform. They felt what I was feeling. They related to it. They empathized with it. They were moved by it.

The atmosphere in the studio Monday night was electric. There was magic in the air. And, for the first time since I began this journey almost six weeks ago, I felt like a dancer. Pure, raw emotion that moves people and provides them with a magical moment is worth more than any score. And Team Chericho felt like we scored three 10s when it came to creating such a special moment. As a performer, that's all that I strive for.

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