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Rove interviewed a very tall fan dressed as The Godfather, who was holding a kid size championship belt. Rove asked, "What do you think it is about wrestling that says America?" The fan said, "America is over the top, and wrestling is over the top." Rove asked, "Really? I find that hard to believe from a 7 foot man with a furry hat." Fan said, "That's as over the top as it can get. WOOOO!" Rove acted scared.

Rove interviewed a British fan dressed in a sweater vest. Rove asked, "Are you here for a job interview?" The fan said he wanted to stand out. Rove said, "Dressed as a normal human being you will stand out like a sore thumb here at WrestleMania." Rove said, "Ladies & Gentleman I give you your next World champion, Shawn "The private student" Crabtree." He added, "You ought to get back to Hogwarts, so you get moving."

Rove walked down the entrance ramp to the Miz. Matt Striker was in the background standing in the ring. Video clips of Miz in the ring were shown. Miz said, "This is America. America is WWE, steaks, BBQ, having fun, fireworks, I mean look at Independence Day, What do you do?" Rove yelled, "You blow stuff up!" Miz said, "exactly." Rove asked, "How do you think I would go as a professional wrestler?" Miz said, "You would be terrible. You would be the worst WWE Superstar in the history of this company. You just do not have the physical build." Rove said he does not care. Miz said he does not have any personality. Rove said he does not care. Miz said he does not have the look. Rove said so what. Miz called Rove ugly. Rove said, "You're a idiot face head.."(Both of their voices are turned into Chimpmuck style as it fast forwarded through their argument.) Miz said, "Because I'm the Miz and I'm Awesome! See ya Bye."

Rove interviewed John Morrison at ringside at Axxess. They showed video clips of John Morrison in the ring. Rove said, "You wrestlers are so good at communicating to America through the way you speak, is their anything you can teach me?" Morrison said, "Absolutely, maybe you had a rival." Rove said, "Let's say the Miz." Morrison said, "The Miz alright. Nobody likes the Miz. Actions speak louder then words Miz and we're not talking about actions you do to yourself alone in the shower." Rove said, "Yeah I know what you mean, he's talking about you touching yourself in your grown up places." In the background, Chris Masters was signing autographs to fans. Morrison said, "Yeah that's right. You should find a girlfriend, to do that for you bro, you're old enough." Rove said, "Yeah, he's also questioning your sexuality, and that demeans you as a man."

Rove was shown walking up to meet John Cena. Rove said to the camera, "Ok Jay, I'm about to meet John Cena, the biggest thing in wrestling." Video clips played of Cena in the ring. Cena put his hat on Rove. Rove asked, "Could you think of a catchphrase for me?" Cena said, "Mine is ' never give up', and I'm very proud of it. Yours should be, ' I really don't have a chance to begin with so I'm just sitting this one out.' That would be good for you." Rove said, "Please, please stop punching me." Cena said, "That's another good one." Rove said, "Ouch Ouch, I'm bleeding."

Rove interviewed a family. Rove asked the little boy, "How do you think I would go as a wrestler." The kid looked Rove over and just stared at him. Rove said to the camera, "Jay I think I just got served."

Rove interviewed a fan. Rove asked the same question again. The fan, laughed and said, "Oh no no no no no." Rove said, "You did not even wait for the thinking music."

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