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Rove standing backstage and said to the camera, "Jay maybe everybody's right. I don't have what it takes to be a WWE Superstrar, I give up". Rove turned around and to see Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold said, "You don't think you have what it takes to be a WWE superstar? Why are you so down on yourself!? This is America son. You can't be like some ostrich over here in Australia and put your head in the sand. Pick your head up son!" Rove jumped and said, "I will." Stone Cold yelled at him, "Are you tough enough!?" Rove said, "Oh God! Don't hit me".

Rove said, "Stone Cold was right, so it was my turn to get in the ring and talk some trash."

Rove walked down the ramp at Axxess dressed in a boxer's robe as Justin Roberts announced, "From Perth, Australia, weighting 146 lbs. 'The Killer Koala' Rove McManus." (Tony Chimel was standing in the ring, so Roberts's audio must of been added later). Rove got in the ring said to the fans "Australia is taking over." Fans booed and yelled. Rove said, "You heard me America, whatever I like I take." Fans chanted, "USA". Rove got on the turnbuckle and said, "I will take on anybody, I don't care who it is." Big Show's music played. Rove turned around and said "Wait." Big Show got into the ring in a suit. Video clips played of Big Show in action. Rove said, "The largest athlete in the world, and I have made him mad." Big Show stared down Rove and lifted him up off the ground with ease. Rove said "No." Rove wondered what Big Show was going to do to him. Slam him to the mat? Throw him out of the ring? Nope even worse, he was going to make me his b---h. Big Show put Rove down over his knee and spanked Rove as Chimel leaned in with a mic so we can hear. Rove yelled in pain.

Rove said, "What did WrestleMania teach me about Americans. I learned Americans are energetic and larger then life, plus if a 7 foot tall giant spanks you It will leave a bruise the shape of a hand print on your cheeks for a week." Rove got out of the ring looking ashamed and walked to the back.

We saw video from WrestleMania in a far away shot. Rove said, "I also learned, even if you're not the biggest and the baddest, when you're with thousands of like minded Americans, were all the same really." Rove was standing ringside during the Edge/Alberto match holding a sign that said "I FEEL AMERICAN." Rove yelled, "Yeah kill him! Kill Him! Rip him to pieces!"

Back at the Tonight Show, Rove was spinning the Cena Style championship belt as Jay told him good job. Rove woo'd.

Rove taped pieces with Beth Phoenix and Natalya too, as they talked about it on twitter, but they were left off the segment.

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