WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results (4-8-11): Christian Vs Del Rio, Sin Cara & More!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results (4-8-11): Christian Vs Del Rio, Sin Cara & More!
"Yes sir, we promised you a great main event."

Live from Flair country, Charlotte North Carolina, days after Wrestlemania 27.

Matthews & Booker are at ringside, as well as Cole in his penalty box, still wrapped in yellow caution tape. Alberto Del Rio comes out in street clothes, with Ricardo and Brodus Clay. Alberto takes the mic, getting a lot of heat, goes off about his match at Mania. He says that his destiny was delayed by Edge, and he also calls Christian a coward, saying they destroyed his Wrestlemania moment and his car. He goes on an on about his car until Edge's music hits to a large pop from the crowd. He comes out in a red tow truck with the damaged Royce on the back. He taunts Del Rio for a moment before taking out a can of yellow spray paint, and paints his name on the hood of the car. Del Rio yells at Edge, saying he had him this close to tapping out, but Edge replies that he didn't get the job done. Del Rio demands for a rematch, to which Edge declines, saying he should buy a new car, and go back to the line because there are plenty of other stars that are worthy of title shots. The horn of the truck starts honking and Christian comes out, to which Edge says he's worthy of a title shot. Edge starts going out to the ring, but Teddy Long comes out saying it's his show and to settle this, he announces a match between Christian & Del Rio, with the winner having the title shot at Extreme Rules in a ladder match. They talk about showing the replay of Cena & Rock from Raw for later tonight. And coming up next is Corre against Big Show, Kane, Santino, & Kofi in a 2 out of 3 falls match. And we go to commercial.

The Corre IC Champ Wade Barrett, Tag Champs Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel, and Ezekiel Jackson vs Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella, & Kofi Kingston 8 Man Best 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Match

Back from break and Big Show & Kane come out first, followed by Santino then Kofi. All of Corre comes out to a lot of heat from the crowd. Santino & Gabriel start this one out, with Gabriel taking a kick at Santino who dodges it, mocks Gabriel with a few of his own, stopped by Garbiel landing one of his own, followed by a punch and a two count. He picks up Santino, lands another punch driving him to Corre's corner and tagging in Slater, who nails a few hits and kicks of his own. Santino is knocked out of the corner eventually, being toyed with by Slater. But Santino fights back with a nice arm drag, taking Slater to his corner and tagging in the Big Red Monster Kane. After an uppercut & a few punches, Kane sets Slater in the middle of the ring, and after a bounce off the ropes, he lands a dropkick on the red headed rock star. Kane picks Slater back up and tags in Big Show, who slaps Slater across the chest with one of those mammoth paws & picks him up for a body slam. After a head butt from the Big Show, he tags in Kofi Kingston who stands up on Show's shoulders & nails Slater with a huge splash! Kofi sets up for Trouble In Paradise but Barret & Gabriel pull Slater out of there. As Corre regroups outside the ring, we go to a commercial break.

Back from break and Kane has control of Barrett, pounding him in the corner. Kane slings the IC Champ to the other corner, and Kane charges into a shoulder from Barrett, who then makes a tag and here comes Big Zeke. Kane locks him in a headlock, to which Zeke powers out of. Kane bounces off the ropes, runs into Zeke, but its just like running into a wall. Kane goes off the ropes again, but Barrett is there to grab his feet, causing the distraction long enough for Zeke to come in with a clothesline to take the big man down. Zeke takes Kane to his corner, and tags in Slater who works over the Big Red Monster. The Corre take control over Kane for a few moments over here, hammering him while making quick tags between one another. Zeke holds Kane after tagging in Gabriel, who goes to the next corner upstairs on the turnbuckle & hits a missle dropkick followed by a 2 count. Gabriel then holds Kane down as he tries to make it back to his corner for the tag. Kane eventually powers out of it, slamming Gabriel to the mat and makes the tag to Kofi who nails Gabriel with a springboard, before going to the corner and taking out all of the Corre. He goes back to Gabriel and nails a standing missle dropkick. With Gabriel in one corner, Kofi goes for a Stinger Splash, but misses as Grabriel ducks out of the way. As Gabriel comes in, Kofi nails him with a kick to the head and goes upstairs and hits a cross body, and gets the first pinfall.

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