"Yes sir, we promised you a great main event."

Live from Flair country, Charlotte North Carolina, days after Wrestlemania 27.

Matthews & Booker are at ringside, as well as Cole in his penalty box, still wrapped in yellow caution tape. Alberto Del Rio comes out in street clothes, with Ricardo and Brodus Clay. Alberto takes the mic, getting a lot of heat, goes off about his match at Mania. He says that his destiny was delayed by Edge, and he also calls Christian a coward, saying they destroyed his Wrestlemania moment and his car. He goes on an on about his car until Edge's music hits to a large pop from the crowd. He comes out in a red tow truck with the damaged Royce on the back. He taunts Del Rio for a moment before taking out a can of yellow spray paint, and paints his name on the hood of the car. Del Rio yells at Edge, saying he had him this close to tapping out, but Edge replies that he didn't get the job done. Del Rio demands for a rematch, to which Edge declines, saying he should buy a new car, and go back to the line because there are plenty of other stars that are worthy of title shots. The horn of the truck starts honking and Christian comes out, to which Edge says he's worthy of a title shot. Edge starts going out to the ring, but Teddy Long comes out saying it's his show and to settle this, he announces a match between Christian & Del Rio, with the winner having the title shot at Extreme Rules in a ladder match. They talk about showing the replay of Cena & Rock from Raw for later tonight. And coming up next is Corre against Big Show, Kane, Santino, & Kofi in a 2 out of 3 falls match. And we go to commercial.

The Corre IC Champ Wade Barrett, Tag Champs Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel, and Ezekiel Jackson vs Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella, & Kofi Kingston 8 Man Best 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Match

Back from break and Big Show & Kane come out first, followed by Santino then Kofi. All of Corre comes out to a lot of heat from the crowd. Santino & Gabriel start this one out, with Gabriel taking a kick at Santino who dodges it, mocks Gabriel with a few of his own, stopped by Garbiel landing one of his own, followed by a punch and a two count. He picks up Santino, lands another punch driving him to Corre's corner and tagging in Slater, who nails a few hits and kicks of his own. Santino is knocked out of the corner eventually, being toyed with by Slater. But Santino fights back with a nice arm drag, taking Slater to his corner and tagging in the Big Red Monster Kane. After an uppercut & a few punches, Kane sets Slater in the middle of the ring, and after a bounce off the ropes, he lands a dropkick on the red headed rock star. Kane picks Slater back up and tags in Big Show, who slaps Slater across the chest with one of those mammoth paws & picks him up for a body slam. After a head butt from the Big Show, he tags in Kofi Kingston who stands up on Show's shoulders & nails Slater with a huge splash! Kofi sets up for Trouble In Paradise but Barret & Gabriel pull Slater out of there. As Corre regroups outside the ring, we go to a commercial break.

Back from break and Kane has control of Barrett, pounding him in the corner. Kane slings the IC Champ to the other corner, and Kane charges into a shoulder from Barrett, who then makes a tag and here comes Big Zeke. Kane locks him in a headlock, to which Zeke powers out of. Kane bounces off the ropes, runs into Zeke, but its just like running into a wall. Kane goes off the ropes again, but Barrett is there to grab his feet, causing the distraction long enough for Zeke to come in with a clothesline to take the big man down. Zeke takes Kane to his corner, and tags in Slater who works over the Big Red Monster. The Corre take control over Kane for a few moments over here, hammering him while making quick tags between one another. Zeke holds Kane after tagging in Gabriel, who goes to the next corner upstairs on the turnbuckle & hits a missle dropkick followed by a 2 count. Gabriel then holds Kane down as he tries to make it back to his corner for the tag. Kane eventually powers out of it, slamming Gabriel to the mat and makes the tag to Kofi who nails Gabriel with a springboard, before going to the corner and taking out all of the Corre. He goes back to Gabriel and nails a standing missle dropkick. With Gabriel in one corner, Kofi goes for a Stinger Splash, but misses as Grabriel ducks out of the way. As Gabriel comes in, Kofi nails him with a kick to the head and goes upstairs and hits a cross body, and gets the first pinfall.

First Fall Winner: Kofi Kingston on Justin Gabriel with a cross body.

Chimel makes the first announcement a the match continues as Kofi goes to the corner, looking shocked that the match isn't over, only to be reminded it's a 2 out of 3 falls match. And before we're off again, we have another commercial break.

Back from break, and Santino & Slater are trading blows, ending with Slater getting Santino in a headlock. Santino eventually powers out of it, but is knocked back down by Slater who tries for a pinfall but gets a 2 count. Slater gets back up, bounces off the ropes, goes for a clothesline, but Santino ducks with a full split and hip tosses Santino who goes off the ropes and nails a headbutt. Santino then motions for the Cobra much to the crowds delight, but he turns around into a boot from a now tagged in Barret, who picks up Santino and hits Wasteland & gets the 1-2-3 for the second pinfall to tie it up.

Second Fall Winner: Wade Barrett on Santino Marella with Wasteland

Chimel makes the second announcement as Gabriel overly dramatics his cheer. Santino and Wade are back up as Barrett takes control over Santino very easily. Santino is in no man's land, stuck in the corner of the Corre as once again the use the numbers game, making quick tags to wear down Santino more. Zeke throws Santino in the corner, charges in with a huge clothesline on the Italian Stallion, who just plops face first onto the mat, getting a cover from Big Zeke to be interrupted by a save from Big Show. As the ref is distracted, Slater drags Santino back to his corner for the beating to continue. Zeke slams Santino to the mat after tagging in Gabriel who hits him with a splash over the top rope, followed by a 2 count. Santino tries to crawl out, but Gabriel kicks him back down before grabbing him a headlock. Gabriel tries to hit a cross body splash on Santino, but he rolled out of the way & makes it to his corner to tag in Kane as Gabriel tagged in Barrett who receives a clothesline from the Big Red Monster. Kane nails Barret with an uppercut before slinging him to the corner and charging in with a clothesline, followed by a sideslam and a quick 2 count. Kane then goes upstairs to nail a flying clothesline onto Barrett, who then goes for the cover only to be saved by Big Zeke, who then goes to take out Big Show. Slater & Gabriel follow suit by taking out Kofi while Barret & Kane are still in the ring. Kane is readying for the choke slam, but Slater, Gabriel and Zeke run into the ring to attack Kane, and the ref has had enough so he rings the bell.

Third Fall Winner: Kane with the DQ

Winner of the 2 out of 3 Falls Match: Kane, Big Show, Santino & Kofi Kingston

Postmatch: Before the announcement is even made, Kane, Big Show & Kofi cleans house. Kane & Big Show go to give Zeke a double choke slam, but Santino wants to help. He makes the cobra motion, but he plants an open hand onto whats left of Zeke's neck, and helps with the choke slam, or at least what he could of it.

The announce the #1 contenders match between Christian & Del Rio for later and we have another commercial break.

Cody Rhodes vs Trent Barreta

Back from break to another video of Sin Cara, and here comes the Phantom, I mean Cody Rhodes. Trent Barreta is already in the ring. Another squash match for Cody to make him look good and give him a push as a heel. Even though Barreta tries to fight back a little bit, Cody had control over all of this match. After being thrown into the ringpost and nailing the Cross Rhodes, Cody gets the pinfall.

Winner: Cody Rhodes with the Cross Rhodes

Postmatch: Cody starts beating on Barreta until Mysterio runs down the ring to make the save. Rey immediately tries to take off Cody's face mask, but Cody scurries away and retreats backstage and we have another commercial break.

Back from break and they show the replay of Monday Night when Cena called out The Rock. The replay shows it all in it's entireity. Before the break, they show Edge & Christian talking backstage about their match. Edge walks off leaving his belt behind with Christian, who sits down and stares at it for a moment until Edge comes back for it laughing and we go to break.

LayCool vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly

Back from break and out comes Lay Cool, and as they get to the ring, a replay is shown of Snooki at Mania. Out comes Kelly & Beth to Kelly's music to a nice pop. Beth & Michelle start things out, with the Pheonix showing no ring rust and taking it to Michelle. During the match, Layla is standing on the bottom rope when Michelle who is slung against the ropes, knocks Layla hard to the floor. Michelle, not seeing the hit, is in her corner wondering where Layla is and wonders what she's doing. Do they have mic's on these two? Because as they're arguing, they're really loud. Layla finally tags in and is overpowered by Beth who lifts her high above her shoulders, bringing her down across the turnbuckle in her corner & giving her a kick to the gut. Kelly is finally brought into this match as she's tagged into some cheers from the crowd. She plants herself on Layla's shoulders, and does that "Tagiri spiderlike maneuver" minus the lock around the ropes. She basically dangles upside down for a moment before landing upright, getting cheers from everybody, before taking the legs out from under Layla. She then goes upstairs to land a cross body on Layla and gets a 2 count. She slaps Layla on the butt, taunts her, then slaps her before giving her a faceplant. She gets another 2 count before Layla powers out of it, and goes to her corner for a tag, but Michelle feigns a back injury. The distraction allows Kelly to come from behind, roll Layla up for the 1-2-3 & the win!

Winner: Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix with a roll up.

Postmatch: Michelle is walking off, complaining her back hurts. But no fighting between the two, they just walk backstage arguing between each other. Wonder who is going to go face after this? We have another break.

Back from break to a replay of the Cole/JR altercation from Raw on Monday. Cole is now in the ring getting a lot of heat. He laughs about shooting JR and does his "May I have your attention" spiel. He brings out Jack Swagger who gets about as much heat as Cole did. Jack takes the mic and asks for everyone to sit down, and starts bragging how he got Cole ready for Mania. This promo is clearly just to push them as heels and to set up Sin Cara to be a face with the WWE Universe. As the two of them are doing a victory lap around the inside of the ring, Sin Cara's music hits to a large pop. He points to both sides of the crowd, then to the ring, before running to the ring and actually clearing the top rope as he leaps over it. Swagger stares him down, while Cara looks back & forth to the crowd like he's on The Price Is Right. Swagger shoves Cara against the ropes, who runs to the other side as he ducks a clothesline from Swagger. Before he hits the other ropes, he does a handstand, bounces off the ropes, flips upright as he nails Swagger with a clothesline. He bounces off the ropes again, uses his legs to toss Swagger through the ropes & to the outside. He bounces off the ropes one more time to fly over the ropes and nail Swagger with a corkscrew dive to the floor! As Swagger scurries away, Cara retreats backstage as his music hits with the replays of his moves.

A replay is shown of Austin on Raw, showing off his Tough Enough students, before Miz came out to mark his territory. The clip is shown in it's entireity and we have another commercial break.

Back from break and we are shown Michelle McCool backstage who is approached by Layla. Michelle tells her to leave her alone. Layla gives her a paper that shows they're signed up for couples therapy. Michelle tells her we're not a couple, but Layla tells her to show up and walks off. They then show a clip of highlights of the Hall of Fame ceremony from Saturday.

After the clip, Ricardo is in the ring to announce Del Rio out to the ring. Because of the Hall clip, we go to another commercial break.

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio (#1 Contenders Match)

Back from break as Christian comes out to the ring to a large pop from the crowd. And as long as Clay is out with Del Rio, the Heavyweight champ is not to be denied, as Edge's music hits to an even larger pop from the crowd & he goes to sit down next to Booker & Matthews at commentary. Cole within his litter box tries to get Edge's attention, to which Edge says to him "Cole, you look like a bag of golfballs. You should shut up!" LOL! The match starts with Christian & Del Rio locking up, with Del Rio getting the upper hand after hitting a few kicks before locking Christian in a headlock. Christian does power out of it, throwing Del Rio against the ropes only to run into a shoulder block from Del Rio. Christian invites him into a show of strength which Del Rio accepts, but he nails Christian down with a couple more kicks. Del Rio picks up Christian, throws him to the ropes, but is reversed as Del Rio bounces off the ropes from side to the other, he runs into a shoulder block this time from Christian, who gets a quick 1 count cover. Christian then takes down Del Rio with an arm drag locking him in a headlock this time around. Del Rio gets back up and kicks his way ot of it. He throws Christian against the ropes, but Christian ducks and gives Del Rio a few right hands as he gets back up. Christian throws Del Rio to the ropes, then hops over to give him an uppercut, but Del Rio ducks out of the way. Christian then gets back in the ring and throws Del Rio over the ropes on the other side in front of the announce table. Del Rio gets back up to the apron, but Christian comes back with a dropkick through the ropes to send Del Rio back to the floor. Edge taunts him from his seat as we go to one last commercial break.

Back from break and we see Del Rio outside the ring at the apron, dragging Christian outside and shoving him into the metal stairs. Alberto then picks up Christian and shoves him into the barricade, before throwing him back into the ring and covering for a 2 count. He locks up Christian who does power out of it with a few fists, only to be picked up and planted over Del Rio's knee and covered for another 2 count. Del Rio then presses Christian against the bottom rope before planting a kick to his back and another quick 2 count. Christian crawls to a corner as Del Rio waits & scouts before charging in with a kick to the head. Christian pulls himself up as Del Rio taunts him before slapping him around afew times. As Del Rio charges in, Christian lands a right hand before climbing upstairs. But Del Rio comes in & clubs Christian on the head before climbing upstairs with him. Del Rio lands a superplex on Christian, both landing in the center of the ring. Del Rio is up at the count of 9, goes to pick up Christian, who rolls him up with an inside cradle but gets a 2 count. Del Rio gets up first and nails Christian with a standing dropkick, before picking him up landing several punches. Del Rio charges in, but Christian ducks it & comes back at Del Rio with another uppercut and a clothesline taking them both over the top rope to the outside. Another 10 count begins in which Del Rio beats and throws Christian into the ring post before throwing him back into the ring. Del Rio climbs the ropes, and tries a back body splash off the second rope, but misses as Christian rolls out of the way. Christian is getting back up & fired up, as he lands a few punches on Del Rio. He then goes up top and lands a dropkick off the second rope. He places him on the second rope, hops over, and its vintage Christian as he hits an uppercut. He goes upstairs again, this time to the top rope and hits a flying cross body, and gets a close 2 count. Christian readys for the killswitch, but Del Rio counters and tries for the cross arm breaker. But Christian counters throwing him into the corner. Christian charges in, but Del Rio gets out of the way. As he charges in, he runs into a boot to the gut from Christian who goes to the second rope for a springboard flip over Del Rio, but Del Rio rolls out of it, is back up and grabs Christian's legs. He rolls him over and catapults him into the turnbuckle. Christian turns around and runs into Del Rio who locks up the cross arm breaker. But they're close to the ropes as Christian locks the bottom rope with his feet to break the hold. Christian is on the apron, and as Del Rio comes in he swings at Christian who ducks, grabs Del Rio's neck & jumping off the apron, causing Del Rio to bounce up and back into the ring. Clay comes up behind Christian, but Edge comes over and spears him. This distracted Christian long enough for Del Rio to run up the ropes and turnbuckles and nail a kick to the head of Christian, who falls into the ring and is covered by Del Rio for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio & new Number One Contender

Edge is in the ring with Christian, as Del Rio celebrates alone from the ramp as the show closes.

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