Kurt Angle pleaded guilty to a reckless driving charge for the incident on March 25 near Thompson, North Dakota.

Angle had first claimed that he skidded off the road after hitting an icy patch, but state troopers claim that the roads were dry that night. Then Angle changed his story, saying he was distracted by a text message. Finally, the police said that they smelled alcohol on his breath, but since Kurt wasn't actually driving when he was discovered by the police, he couldn't be charged with DUI.

Angle did fail a field sobriety test, and his blood-alcohol level was .083 percent, above the state's legal limit of .08.

Under the terms of the plea deal that was reached, Angle has to pay a fine of $475, serve unsupervised probation for a year and have a chemical dependency evaluation. There would also be a suspended sentence of 10 days in jail. The deal is still pending the judge's approval.

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