Report: Scott Hall Leaves Hospital On His Own

Report: Scott Hall Leaves Hospital On His Own
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As noted earlier here on, Scott Hall directed his publicist (Geena Jinev Anac of Lightning Entertainment) to deny claims that he had suffered a drug overdose earlier this week. She did just that and sent out the statement about "extremely low blood pressure". The same thing happened several months ago where she sent out a press release stating that Hall was hospitalized for "pneumonia" when, in reality, he was in a drug rehab facility. The credibility of the publicist needs to be questioned even though she is being told directly by Scott what to publish. The guy obviously needs help and many feel that instead of sending out false statements, the publicist should be trying to help the situation rather than make it worse with fabricated statements.

We noted earlier here on the website that Top Rope Promotions, the event's coordinators, say Hall showed up to the building in the afternoon intoxicated and behaved in a belligerent manner. Hall took part in an autograph signing a short while later and fell asleep at one point. When he was awake, his signature consisted of a line, rather than his name. Hall was allowed to work the live show, while still intoxicated. He could barely stand as two people assisted him to the ringside area. Based on comments Hall made to the live crowd, he thought he was in England, as opposed to New England. Following the conclusion of his segment, Hall became belligerent and refused to leave the ring. Police came and escorted him from the premise.

Again, I also didn't mean any harm in the earlier report when I stated "We stand by our original report". We had simply heard that was the case and stuck with the original report as any other media outlet would do if they felt their story was correct. I know nobody wants to hear things like this but unfortunately it's our job to report the good and bad. I think we can all agree that Scott really needs help and that is the main concern right now. Hopefully some of his friends step up although you can't "force" someone into rehab. Thanks for your continued support of guys.

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