Source: PWTorch

Scott Hall has been hospitalized again after his appearance for Top Rope Promotions last night.

Hall's reps now claim he was admitted for treatment with "cardiac issues". His publicist says he will be in the hospital for at least three more days. They also claim he's taking ten different medications for "various ailments." Please keep in mind that Hall is said to be very sensitive about being labeled a drug addict so you'll never get that direct admission from his publicist. There will always be a denial from them until he decides to get the help he so desperately needs. Basically whatever Scott tells her, she writes into a press release and sends it out. The guy obviously needs help and many feel that instead of sending out false statements, the publicist should be trying to help the situation rather than make it worse as we noted earlier here on the website. Hall is also furious about word of the latest incident getting out because he feels it could cost him work. He really shouldn't be working in his current condition anyways. As noted earlier, sources say he has "major problems" with prescription medication.

Hall was already hospitalized once this week for "extremely low blood pressure," according to his representative. We've been told it was a drug overdose by someone who was around Scott when it happened.

Believe what you will but the videos and photos speak for themselves. In the end, all that matters is that Scott gets the help he needs. We wish him the best in getting well. He's such a smart guy behind the scenes and could contribute a ton to younger talents. Get well soon, Scott..... you've got a lot of friends & fans pulling for you.

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