Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With TONS Of Video (Including Cena's Post-RAW Speech)

Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With TONS Of Video (Including Cena's Post-RAW Speech)
"Yes sir we promised you a great main eventů.."

I unfortunately missed the first 2 minutes of Raw tonight due to a stubborn DVR problem. When I got it on, Lawler was arguing with Cole in his penalty box. And John Cena's music hits the arena to a large pop, who goess off about the crowd reaction & the Mania 28 announcement made last week. Cena says it can't just be any regular match, but it has to be for the WWE Championship. He challenges The Miz, but Orton's music interrupts before Miz could even come out & he comes out to an even larger pop than Cena's. Orton says that Cena's business with Miz was done at Mania and he should step aside. Before Cena could respond, Morrison's music hits & he comes out to the ring. And from what I've seen on here the past few days, people are right. Morrison doesn't have any mic skills. He starts saying that he should be next in line, when Vickie comes out with Ziggler doing her "Excuse Me" bit. She jokes that she should be next in line, but then says it should be Ziggler who takes the mic. He goes off about being the most talented star in the ring right now, and that he's never faced The Miz before. The "What About Me?" train continues, this time with R-Truth coming to the ring. He says the truth is that he's never had a title bout. Finally, the Raw GM chimes in, with Cole standing up getting his usual heat. The GM announces a 5-Man Gauntlet match where two random stars start it out, and a random star comes out until all have participated with the winner becoming the #1 Contender & face Miz at Extreme Rules. Raw's music hits and we have a commercial break. Before the break, Cole announces a match between Lawler (w/JR in his corner) and Swagger (w/Cole in his corner.) If Swagger wins, Cole doesn't have to face Lawler ever again. But if Lawler wins, he gets to face Cole. They also announce that Edge will be there tonight with a "shocking" announcement, & they're speculating that his career is over.

Diva's Champion Eve vs Brie Bella (Diva's Championship Match)

The Twins are already in the ring when Eve comes out to the ring. The crowd is rather quiet during this match. Eve had control of the match, but they did the usual Bella switch, where Nikki came into the ring. It worked for a moment until the Ref noticed something that caused him to chase her out of the ring. The distraction succeeded because it caused Eve to be nailed from behind by Brie to get the 1-2-3 for the win and we have a new Diva's champion. So much for my theory of them being released within the next month or so.

Winner: Brie Bella with the Bella Switch (New Diva's Champion)

No postmatch here except the Twins celebrating in the ring as we go to another commercial break.

A promo aired seemingly for the debut of Awesome Kong.

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