Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With TONS Of Video (Including Cena's Post-RAW Speech)

Back from break and they show Eve in the back after her match, visibly upset. Both Gail Kim & Natalya try to console her, but she brushes them both off, saying that everyone in the Diva's roster thinks of themselves. I think she's going heel pretty soon her, based on her attitude.

Sin Cara vs Primo Colon

Sin Cara comes out to the ring as Primo is already in the ring. Finally, a match not only to showcase their newest superstar, but also a match to give some of the mid-cards some TV time. A dazzling high flying match that saw Cara hit Primo with a hurricanrana outside the ring which also got a lot of pop from the crowd including a Sin Cara chant. At one moment, Primo goes for a power bomb, only for Cara to flip over him to get a roll up and only a 2 count. After two kicks to the head of Primo on the top turnbuckle, Cara takes him for what looks like a double sunset flip followed by a cover for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Sin Cara

No postmatch, just another commercial break.

Back from break to a replay of Corre's attempted attack on Rock & Cena last week. After the clip, we're back at the arena and Corre are in the middle of the ring. Barrett starts talking about their failed atttack on them last week. He starts pushing his own heel button when he blames the rest of the Corre for their failure. Gabriel takes the mic from him first and starts boasting himself, claiming he's a 3 time tag champ, before Slater takes the mic and says "We are 3 time tag champs." He then says that no one is taking their success away, not Barrett, Nexus, or Corre, before Big Zeke takes the mic and says his piece. He calls himself dominent, bragging about slamming Big Show, as he gets the biggest positive reaction from the crowd during his promo. As he goes off on his rant, Santino's music hits and he's not alone. He comes out with Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, & Evan Bourne. Santino calls his group the APPLE (Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything you stand for). Bourne, Bryan, & Henry barely contain their laughter at this, as Santino challenges Corre to a fight. Santino says "Apple powers, unite!" as he asks for them to bump fists on the stage, and Henry has this look on his face that says he thinks this is pathetic, & they come to the ring as we go to break.

APPLE vs CORRE (Santino, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, & Mark Henry vs IC Champ Wade Barrett, Tag Champs Gabriel & Slater, & Ezekiel Jackson)

This match concept was just to rediculous to go on about the details here. As Santino goes for the Cobra, he's kicked in the head from behind, allowing Slater to hit his finisher & get the pinfall.

Winner: CORRE

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