A major tribute to Edge took place after the SmackDown! taping in Albany, NY last night. I was there live and this was simply amazing to watch. Here is my report:

As SmackDown! ended, the entire WWE locker-room came out to the top of the stage as Edge stood in the ring. First, The Big Show came down the ramp and hugged Edge. He was then followed by Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Christian who was already in the ring. They all hugged him and shook hands. All of them were crying at this point. It should be noted that these were his best friends within WWE.

Triple H's music then hit and he embraced in a long hug with Edge, at least two minutes without letting go. The other guys continued to hug as well, all crying. The rest of the SmackDown! roster stood on-stage clapping with some tearing up.

As the WWE locker-room headed to the back, Edge began to follow. The WWE locker-room stopped and signaled for him to get back in the ring and soak it up.

Edge then gave a long speech, thanking the crowd, WWE universe, truck drivers, ring crew, creative team, cameraman, announcers, catering. etc etc. He mentioned people by name (Brian (Gerwirtz), Vince, etc)

Edge said he is happy he got to say goodbye in Albany because it's the place where he won his first championship. In fact it was in a cab in Albany where Edge came up with the nickname Edge.

Edge thanked Kane, saying he'd break kayfabe and would probably take some heat for that. He thanked Christian and Kane as his closest friends in the business and said he loved them to death.

Edge thanked Lita and said they'd had some great times together. He even joked to the fans that they needed to get their minds out of the gutter when it came to Lita "even though we really did do it."

Edge said he was going home for a vacation and to spend time with his two dogs. The crowd laughed. He was very emotional during this promo.

There was a large "Hall of Fame" chant. He said he hoped to be in there one day and then said "I think I'm done... you've probably heard enough". The crowd wanted more though.

Edge went and hugged his mother and then every single fan at ringside. Awesome way to end SmackDown! although none of this will air.

WWE cameras were filming this so it may end up on WWE.com. Take it from me as I was there live - this was very emotional.

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