We are two days away from Edge announcing his retirement on Monday Night RAW. So we here at Wrestling Inc. would like to ask our readers a few things about Edge before he surrenders the Heavyweight Championship this Friday night on Smackdown!

What are your favorite matches of Edge? Whether they were in a classic Tables, Ladders, & Chairs tag match with Christian against the Hardys or the Dudleys? Or one his matches against John Cena or the Undertaker?

Who do you think was a better partner with Edge? His best friend Christian? Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho or perhaps Randy Orton? And which feud did you like better? The feud with John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, or maybe The Undertaker? Or even his last one with Alberto Del Rio?

Also, which of his moments did you like the best? Him and Christian bashing Alberto's car at Mania? His "live sex celebration" with Lita? Or how about the sunset flip over an extension ladder with Eddie Guerrero? And lastly, what are your favorite moves? The spear, the edgecator, or the always popular, the con-chair-to?

Sound off and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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