-- Thanks to Tim Derning for sending this in: Just got home from the Road Warrior Animal book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Arlington Heights, IL. There was about 200 people that showed while I was there and more piling in as I was leaving. Some guys in line behind me were talking about people who were at WrestleMania and they mentioned Ric Flair being there. Animal stepped in and said that Ric Flair was the greatest world champion of all time and was snubbed by WWE and not allowed to go to either the WrestleMania or Hall of Fame after-parties because he worked for TNA. You could tell that he was very upset with that by the way he said it, and the look on his face when he said it.

-- A quick correction on our earlier post about Val Venis facing Rhett Titus at an NWS event in New Jersey on April 16. The match is actually taking place at IWC's "Night Of Legends" in Franklin, Pa.

-- This clip is one of the extras from the latest WWE DVD release which is the DX: One Last Stand DVD/Bluray that is now available at WWEShop.com for purchase.

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