In the Arena:

Tenay and Tax talk, but they're interrupted by Eric Bischoff's music. Bischoff walks out, and smiles, pointing at the crowd, and posing with his arms in the air. Brooke Hogan is shown dancing and cheering in the front row. Bischoff has a mic in his hand as he climbs into the ring. Bischoff thanks the people and says they know how much he loves them. He says that he loves that they came to their soiree this evening. Bischoff says tonight is a special night, that it's one of the happiest nights he's had in this industry in many years. Bischoff says people come to his and ask him what matters most to him in his career.

Bischoff says he tries to explain when you're in a position like he is, and you've rewritten the book on pro-wrestling that it's hard to say what matters most, but he's going to try and sum it up. Tonight is special because tonight Immortal is going to take care of the distraction that Fortune has become. He says Fortune made the mistake of getting involved in Immortal's business, and that ends tonight. He says he's also excited because he gets to be part of the vision of Hulk Hogan, his mentor, who taught him everything he knows about wrestling. He says tonight he helps Hogan gets the World Title off of Sting and back in Hogan's control, and that's why he's happy, and that's all that matters to Bischoff.

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