Christy Hemme is backstage with Crimson and Scott Steiner. Crimson says it'll be an honor to step in the ring with Scott. Steiner says a lot of things that I'm not really able to transcribe for this website. He also says they'll give Cincinnati what they want, and kick somebody's butt.

Four Way Tornado Tag Team Match
- Ink Inc. vs. Crimson & Scott Steiner vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young vs. Magnus & Douglas Williams

The cage door closes, and we're ready to kick things off. It's not really tornado styles as everyone is out on the apron. EY and Neal are starting off and EY tries to escape the cage, but everyone tells him it's not time yet. EY bounces on the top rope for a bit before dropping down and locking up with Neal. Neal hits a big shoulder block, and he and EY trade arm drags, then Japanese arm drages, then they stop for a hand shake. Moore tags in and he doesn't look happy with NEal. He takes it right to EY with a big hurricarana before locking in an arm bar on EY. Williams tags in and he tries to suplex EY, but EY lands on his feet and tags out to Jordan. Jordan comes in but he's immediately double teamed by the Brits who toss him into the corner. Jordan comes back, taking out both Brits before Neal tags himself in. Magnus takes Neal out with a giant clothesline.

Another double team move from the British Invasion and another pin attempt, but Moore breaks it up. The crowd wants Steiner. Williams hits Neal with a running knee in the corner and Magnus hits a snap mare. The Brits catch Neal in the corner, but Neal is able to fight out and tag out to Crimson. Crimson hits Magnus with a series of knees to the face and a neckbreaker, but then both men hit clotheslines and both end up on their backs. Both men make the tag to their own partners and Steiner comes in, taking out both Brits. He drops and elbow on Magnus and does some pushups before hitting both Brits with back body drops, and belly to belly suplexes. Steiner catches EY coming off the top rope with another belly to belly. Steiner goes up top with Magnus and hits a belly to belly from the top. Steiner looks for another one, but Moore comes in and knocks Steiner off, and for some reason Steiner goes back to his corner.

EY drops his trunks to reveal matching trunks with his partner Jordan. Things are breaking down quickly and everyone in in hitting their big moves. Steiner hits an exploder on Magnus and EY hits a missile dropkick on Steiner. EY points to the top of the cage and he climbs down. Shannon Moore hits the Moore-gasm, and pins Magnus, getting the three count, right as EY hits the floor.

Winners: Ink Inc.

EY looks confused out on the floor, saying that he won.

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