Christy Hemme is backstage with Matt Morgan, she asks about his match with Hernandez tonight. Morgan says Hernandez has been a thorn in his side since he got back from Mexico. Morgan says tonight he's getting back on track, and he's doing that by going through Hernandez. He says tonight he's going to punt Hernandez's football head back to Mexico.

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe

The bell rings, and the crowd thinks Joe is going to kill Pope. Pope looks apprehensive to begin the match, and he tries to climb but Joe pulls him back down. Pope hits Joe with a cheap shot but Joe comes back with a series of jabs. Pope is able to return the favor with a body slam, but then he turns around into a big clothesline and another series of jabs that sits Pope down in the corner. Joe splashes Pope, then hits a giant kick to Pope's head that puts him down again. Joe catches Pope with a big chop, and another. A third puts Pope down and he begins to beg off, but when Joe goes to attack, Pope throws Joe head first into the turnbuckle. Pope goes to work with a series of blows to Joe's midsection, but Joe comes back with another chop. Pope goes to climb the cage again, but Joe climbs up and on the top rope, slams his head into the cage wall. Dinero crotches himself, and Joe hits a running kick to the chest to knock Dinero free. Joe face washes Dinero repeatedly in the corner.

Pope is able to pull the ref into the way, distraction Joe, and this allows him to throw Joe head first into the cage wall. Pope rips away at Joe's eyes and hits him with a couple of rights. Joe responds with a couple of rights of his own, then a couple of kicks, but Pope comes up with the 4 Up and that's good for a two count. The camera angles are really weird tonight, trying to showcase the crowd. Pope locks in a rear chin lock, and the feed freezes for a second. When it comes back, Joe reverses only to be clotheslines straight down to the canvas. Pope hits Joe with a couple of back hands to the face, but when he charges, Joe hits Pope with a quick snap power slam.

Pope and Joe trade slaps in the middle of the ring, and Joe can't be stopped, slapping repeatedly before hitting a Manhattan drop, big kick, and senton splash, but he still can't put Pope down for three. Joe hits a big leg lariat from the middle rope, but can only get a two count. Joe sits Pope up on the top rope, then connects with a big muscle buster, but he's too close to the ropes, and Pope gets his leg on the bottom rope, breaking the count.

Pope goes right back to trying to climb the cage again, but Joe grabs Pope by the tights, and Pope's full behind is exposed. Pope fights Joe off, sending him to the canvas, and pulling up his trunks. Pope hits a big elbow drop that's good for a one count, then a lungblower that's good for two. Pope pulls down his knee pads and goes for the DDE, but Joe catches him and slams him back first into the cage. Joe hits the muscle buster again, then locks in the rear naked choke in the middle of the ring. Pope taps out clean right in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Samoa Joe

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