Hernandez is backstage with his whole stable making a lot of noise. Hemme tries to ask a couple of questions, and Hernandez asks to be interviewed in Spanish. Hernandez and his group take turns speaking on the mic in Spanish before finishing with a 'Viva Mexico' chant.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

The bell rings, and both men go right at it with a series of right hands. Morgan gets the better of the situation, and ends up delivering his rapid fire elbows in the corner before splashing Hernandez. Morgan hits a sidewalk slam, which is good for a two count. Morgan goes to climb the rope, and Anarchia grabs Morgan's leg through one of the camera holes, allowing Hernandez to splash Morgan against the cage. Hernandez lays into Morgan with a series of right hands before grinding his face into the cage.

Hernandez locks in a nerve hold, but it's not long before Morgan fights out. Morgan hits a cross body, but Hernandez kicks out at one and hits a big clothesline before choking him blatantly in the middle of the ring. Hernandez slams Morgan face first into the cage wall, to the delight of his stable-mates. Morgan begins to fight back with a couple of rights, but Hernandez takes him right off of his feet with a giant shoulder block. Hernandez chokes Morgan with a towel, before stomping and choking him in the corner.

Hernandez hits Morgan with a shoulder to the gut in the corner with force, causing Morgan to fall to the mat. Hernandez stands over Morgan and taunts him, playing to the crowd. Morgan gets up to his feet and connects with a discus clothesline with Hernandez turns around. Morgan psychs himself up, connecting with a head butt, and a couple of big rights hands, and back to back clotheslines. Morgan launches Hernandez head first into the cage wall, then follows it up with another launching. Morgan picks Hernandez up and tosses him into the cage once more before hitting a back drop suplex, but he can't keep Hernandez down for three. Hernandez hits a running head butt to the gut, but Morgan sidesteps another charging leap, and Hernandez connects with the cage wall. Mexican America begins climbing the cage from the outside, but Morgan knocks them off. Hernandez goes to the top and comes off at Morgan, but Morgan connects with the Carbon footprint and this one is over.

Winner: Matt Morgan

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