TNA Lockdown: Kurt Angle Vs. Jeff Jarrett (Ultra Male Rules Match)

Jarrett wins the second fall and we're tied at one a piece

Jarrett ambushes Angle and slingshots him into the cage wall. Jarrett goes to the cage door and he's able to unlock the chain holding the door closes. Angle is able to use the time to recover and he comes up with a big German suplex, then a second, third, fourth (Angle will not stop!), and fifth. Angle looks to exit the cage through the door, but he climbs back inside instead. Angle goes back out to the steps, but again decides it's not done, and he closes the door behind him, chaining it back up, and putting the key in his trunks before flipping Jarrett off. Angle slams Jarrett head first into the cage repeatedly.

Jarrett is split open and Angle rakes Jarrett's face against the cage wall. Jarrett bags off, and begins to climb up the cage to get away from Angle, but Angle catches him and punches him repeatedly. Angle goes to escape instead, and Jarrett goes for a top rope powerbomb that has a DISGUSTING ending, with Angle flipping completely over and coming down on top of his head. Jarrett goes up, and Angle leaps right up to his feet and up the ropes to take Jarrett down with a top rope Angle slam.

Angle goes for the door, but he locked it earlier. He goes to climb the cage instead and Immortal's Gunner comes down to ringside and he's got a steel chair to fend Angle off, preventing him from coming down. Angle goes to the corner of the cage and he stands up at the top. Angle launches himself off with a humungous moonsault that barely catches Jarrett. Scott Steiner is headed out to the ring and he chases off Gunner. Angle is somehow still not dead, and he's found the keys to the door. Angle goes over and unlocks the padlock, opening the door. Karen runs down to ringside and sprays perfume into Angle's eyes before he can exit the ring. Angle, blinded, clocks the referee. Karen tries to help Jarrett out of the ring, but Angle pulls him back into the ring with an ankle lock. Karen slides Jeff a guitar, and he uses it to blast Angle.

Jarrett takes time to gloat, but Angle will not die, and he tries to pull Jarrett back in with another ankle lock, but Karen swings the cage door closed on Angle's head, and Kurt drops Jeff, letting him fall to the arena floor.

Jeff Jarrett wins two falls to one

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