Lethal Lockdown Match
- Immortal (Ric Flair, Abyss, Bully Ray & Matt Hardy) vs. Fortune (James Storm, Kazarian & Robert Roode) & Christopher Daniels

Kaz looks to start things out for Fortune, and Hardy wants to go in, but Abyss is sent in by Flair instead.

Kaz is on fire to start off, taking it right to Abyss, but Abyss shrugs him off. Kaz jumps off the middle rope, and Abyss almost catches him in a chokeslam, but Kaz is able to wriggle out of it, only to end up eating a series of right hands in the corner, before Abyss chokes him with his boot. Abyss takes Kaz over to the side of the cage and rubs his face into the cage wall while Immortal taunts Kaz. Abyss points toward the cage wall before shouldering Kaz. Kaz fights out of it, and avoids a splash by Abyss before going to the top rope and leaping off with a huge hurricarana.

Kaz sandwiches Abyss in between the ropes and the cage wall with a dropkick before stomping away at him and choking him with his boot. The clock counts down, and Matt Hardy is the next man in the ring. Hardy tries for a side effect, but Kaz fights out of it and slams Hardy to the mat. Kaz hits a springboard leg drop.

Abyss and Hardy are able to come back when Abyss hits Kaz with a big right and Hardy locks in the ice pick submission. Abyss continues to stomp away at Kaz. Abyss picks up Kaz only for Hardy to tag him with a right and nail a side effect. Hardy holds Kaz up while Abyss punches him and the clock counts down, leading to Daniels entering the match. Daniels comes in with a couple of big forearms to Abyss and Hardy before nailing a Big Enzugiri and BME on Abyss. Daniels goes to the second rope, and brings himself down with a big stomp on Hardy's chest.

Daniels and Kaz team up on Hardy and Abyss, trying to immobilize them before the numbers game comes back into effect. The crowd chants for Flair. Daniels hits an STO on Hardy locking in a Koji clutch, and Ric Flair is in the match. Flair chops Kaz and stomps Daniels before taking him into the corner, chopping him repeatedly and hitting a dirty low blow. Flair chops away at Kaz next before sending him head first into the side of the cage.

Hardy chokes Daniels in the ropes while Flair and Abyss double team Kaz in the corner, punching and chopping away at him. Hardy chokes Daniels in the corner with his boot, and the clock counts down yet again. Lance Storm is the next man in and he comes in spitting beer into the eyes of Abyss. He ducks a clothesline from Hardy and Hardy connects with Abyss only to eat a backstabber from Storm. Storm stares down Flair, and Flair begs off, but Storm smashes his beer bottle on Flair's head, causing the blood to pour.

Storm is just taking it to Flair and Fourtune has turned things around. Storm has ripped off Flair's wife beater, and some of his pants. Storm pulls down Flair's boxers, and Bully Ray is in, taking it to all the members of Fortune, and turning the tide in favor of his team. This are basically just a brawl with the members of Immortal punching and kicking away at Fortune while Robert Roode simmers away on the outside.

Storm punches Storm's forehear and Hardy chokes Daniels in the corner. Roode enters in the cage, and the roof will be lowered soon, starting the true Lethal Lockdown match. Roode takes out Abyss and Hardy before being stopped by a series of Flair chops, but Roode turns it around and chops Flair a few times himself before connecting with a big back body drop. Beer Money connect with a double suplex and the lights hit and the cage top with weapons begins to lower into place.

Fortune are already standing on the ropes waiting for the weapons, and their hands are full as soon as the cage top is lowered. They immediately begin the beat down, and there's a terrible split screen. Abyss is knocked to the floor and through the cage door by a double team move, and Daniels follows out, smashing Abyss in the head with a trash can lid. Hardy goes to the outside and climbs to the top of the cage with Daniels in pursuit. Hardy and Daniels fight it out on top of the cage with Daniels laying Hardy out with a couple of punches. Daniels tries for the angel's wings, but Hardy fights it off, almost sending Daniels crashing off of the cage to the floor. Daniels gets back on, and walks right into a twist of hate from Hardy.

Flair is ridiculously bloody in the ring. Bully Ray hits a big modified spinebuster, but he can't get a three count. Storm hits a reverse DDT on Ray, but walks right into a couple of kendo stick shots from Flair, who then turns around into a spinebuster from Roode. Daniels is up on top of the cage, and he launches himself off on top of Abyss and Matt Hardy in a massive dive. Robert Roode locks in the figure four back in the middle of the ring, but Ray breaks it up with a trash can shot. Ray lays out Kaz and Daniels with trash can lid shots. Ray picks up a kendo stick and hits Roode, Daniels, then. Ray has another shot for everyone, then he hands Flair a kendo stick and they use them to wail away on Fortune.

Daniels is bloody now too, and Ray stands over him with an axe handle, but he's interrupted by AJ Styles' music. Styles runs down to the ring and attacks Ray, slamming him into the cage wall, and hitting the Pele kick. Styles rips off his Fortune shirt, and while Flair tries to attack, he's grabbed from behind by Flair and thrown into the cage. Roode locks in an arm bar, and Flair is forced to tap.

Winners: Fortune and Christopher Daniels

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