Thanks to reader Ben Farren for sending in these results from the SmackDown! Wrestlemania Revenge Tour on Sunday in Newcastle, UK:

Shows opens with 20 man Battle Royal to face Barrett for IC championship later on. Fairly good match, everyone there, few good double elims. Down to the last two, Swagger and Kofi, Swagger thinks he's eliminated Kofi, Kofi hangs on, comes back in struggles for a few mins, Trouble in Paradise, Swagger eliminated, Kofi wins.

Trent Baretta vs Brodus Clay - awful match, few spots, nothing else. Brodus wins cleanly with the slam.

Mysterio vs. Rohdes WM 27 rematch. Rey wins with the 619, crowd goes crazy, slow paced match.

Kane Show (give me credit for this name dammit!) vs. Corre for Tag Team Champ. Corre get DQd eventually, Zeke interferes. Corre just leaves, Show gets on the mic and tells them to come, and make it a 3 on 2 match, they accept, and it turns into a handicap match. (Don't know what would have happened if 3 people had won two belts though..?) anyways, Kane Show wins.

Drew McIntyre vs Chavo. Brilliant crowd working here, a portion of the crowd (me and 5 friends) were supporting Drew, and he kept coming to the Turnbuckle and pointing us out. Brilliant work from him. Chavo did well with the majority of the crowd! Chavo eventually gets the win.

Barrett vs. Kofi in IC match. (finally some better inring working) good match. Few botches but nowhere near Sin Cara standard. Or Primo for that matter. Trouble in Paradise misses, Wasteland misses. Wasteland into a clean win for Barrett. That's what I like to see.

EDGE. Is all I have to say, didn't think he'd show to be honest, good for him he did. Rio interrupts his farewell sort of speech and challenges Edge to 'one more match', Edge says he can't but he knows someone who can. Cue: the peeps. Major pop for Christian, they have a fan's choice street match. Christian beats him down the whole match using Kendo sticks mainly. ADR comes back and very nearly hits the Cross Arm Breaker. Edge comes out again (HUGE POP, LIKE HUUGEE) distracts Rio, killswitch hits, Christian gets the win.

Great night, Edge stayed behind for ages afterwards.

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