"Yes sir, we promised you a great main event…"

Tonight Monday Night Raw is live from across the pond in London, England. The show opens with R-Truth coming out to some heat from the crowd. JR & Lawler are at commentary along with Cole in his penalty box. Truth is pretty excited about his title opportunity in the triple threat match at Extreme Rules. He says that when he wins, he will be a fighting champion. Morrison comes out to some pop from the crowd. When John gets in the ring, he & Truth give each other some love for a moment, before Morrison says that Truth was lucky in his match last week. Morrison rolls a clip from last week of Truth getting a water break before continuing the Gauntlet match against Cena. They argue about Truth being in shape, and debate about being in good health even though he's a smoker? Really? Morrison mentions the Draft next week and challenges Truth for his spot in the triple threat match. Truth accepts, but he wants either a bottle of water or a cigarette first. Morrison wants the match now, and we're off.

John Morrison vs R-Truth (Compete for R-Truth's spot at Extreme Rules)

The match starts with the two of them locking up and Truth getting two quick pin attempts, before he goes out of the ring & gets a bottle of water from the bell guy at ringside. And we get a commercial break.

Back from break and both Morrison & Truth take each other down with a pair of arm drags. After a couple of near pins from Truth on Morrison, he takes him down with an arm drag into a headlock. Morrison fights out and comes back with a pair of clotheslines, before Truth comes back with a scissors kick to Morrison's head. But Morrison mounts a comeback, ending with a quick flight on Starship Pain, and gets the 1-2-3 on Truth.

Winner: John Morrison (New Co-Number 1 Contender)

Postmatch: Morrison tries to console Truth & celebrates on the turnbuckles. But Truth gets back up and throws Morrison down into the ring, before hitting a running knee to the head of Morrison. As he exits the ring, he gets a lot of heat from the crowd, and kicks Morrison in the head again alongside the barricade. Truth goes back to Morrison, picks him up like he's helping him, and then throws him to the floor & steals Lawlers bottle of water. He then hits Morrison in the head with the plastic bottle of water as the crowd gives him a loud "R Truth Sucks" chant. He picks Morrison up again, and hits him with his finisher. The crowd is really giving him heat here this entire time which seems to be fueling him. The then takes a pack of cigarettes from a fan and has a smoke before going back over to Morrison. He blows smoke over his fallen prey before flicking the cigarette at him and we get a commercial break.

Back from break to the announcement for the Draft next Monday night. They show the replays of Truth's beating on Morrison.

Evan Bourne vs Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero)

Evan Bourne is already in the ring when Vickie comes out to introduce Ziggler, who comes out with a new look sporting a brown hair cut, and I have to say, it is a big improvement. After a lock up, Bourne gets control for a moment before being hit with a standing dropkick from Ziggler. Bourne fights back with a couple of kicks of his own. When he geos upstairs for Air Bourne, he misses as Ziggler rolls out of the way. Bourne lands on his feet though, but Ziggler comes from behind and hits the Zig Zag & gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler w/the Zig Zag

They show a promo for WWE All Stars, with a match between Rock & Cena. Cole pushes his knighting ceremony for later tonight, and we go to a commercial break starting with a commercial for Orton's movie That's What I Am.

Back from break to a montage clip of Sin Cara in recent weeks. They announce him against Riley later tonight. But first, they show another a video tribute to Edge through out his career, the one aired on Smackdown on Friday Night. After the clip, the talk about a retirement party for Edge thrown by Alberto Del Rio for this Friday at Smackdown.

Miz & Alex Riley come out in a pair of new Awesome T-Shirts for The Miz to the ring. Miz takes to the mic about preparing for the triple threat match at Extreme Rules against Cena & Truth. He complains now about Truth's loss earlier tonight and having to face Morrison instead. He announces that the match will take place in a steel cage. He complains that he could lose his title without even being pinned. He wants the GM to make it right and he won't leave until that's done. Riley grabs a chair and sits in the middle of the ring. Cole & Lawler go back and forth as we go to commercial.

Back from break to more ranting from The Miz. Miz ends tries to end with his catchphrase but is interrupted by his buddy's opponent, Sin Cara. That match is going to start, but John Cena's music hits the arena to a large pop and he races out to the ring. The GM's buzzer goes off, Cole does his shtick, and a tag match is announced as follows:

John Cena & Sin Cara vs WWE Champ The Miz & Alex Riley

Cena & Riley start things off with the veteran taking it to Riley. Miz & his understudy regroup outside the ring as we have another commercial break.

Back from break and Cena is continuing his beating, this time on The Miz, from corner to corner. Cena goes for an AA, but Miz gets out of it and hits Cena with a side slam. Cena is in Miz's corner, where Miz kicks him before being pushed off by the ref, allowing Riley to get in a few hits of his own. Miz suplexes Cena & gets a 2 count. Miz then tags in Riley who beats down Cena before tagging Miz back in. Another mixed Cena chant comes back from the crowd as he continues the assault on Cena. Miz hits Cena with another clothesline and tags in Riley who covers Cena for a 2 count. Cena is back up & slams Riley to the mat. Both of them make it to their corners as Cara is finally in and faces the champ. After a series of high flying lightning fast moves from the new guy, Cara hits Miz with a kick to the head and goes to the top rope, but is pulled down to the outside by Riley. Miz goes to retrieve him and rams him into the apron before tossing him back into the ring. Miz & Riley take turns tagging in and out while double teaming Cara this time around. Miz goes for his leaping clothesline in the corner, but Cara ducks it & makes the tag to Cena as Miz tags in Riley. A pair of shoulder blocks and a slam to Riley from Cena. He signals for his five knuckle, but hits Miz off the apron instead. He then hits Riley with the five knuckle shuffle and readies for the AA, as Miz is now leaving the ringside area. Cena hits Riley with the AA & tags in Cara so he can hit his finisher for the win. The two celebrate as we go to another commercial break.

Winner: John Cena & Sin Cara

Back from break to another clip for Awesome Kong, now known as "Karma". This time, you can actually see the lower part of her face as she rips the legs off a dark haired doll, and you hear her laughing in the background.

Eve vs Nikki Bella

Eve comes out first, then the Bellas come out with Brie on the mic. She says she's looking forward to her return match against Eve, but thinks it won't happen if Eve gets drafted to SD next week. This goes back and forth for a few moments until Eve lands a kick on Nikki's head and wins with a quick roll up. Its just another fast diva's match that Cole can interrupt to do his promo. After a quick rant from him, we have another break.

Winner: Eve

Back from break to a replay of Cole's sacrifice from Friday Night. And Cole is in the ring to do his "attention" spiel as he calls out Jack Swagger. He comes out in a full suit & carrying what was probably Sheamus' robe from when he was doing his king gimmick. Swagger reads from a scroll and its hard to hear him over the heat he's getting from the crowd. It looks like the creative department thought "What can we do to make the Universe hate Cole even more?" and came up with this brilliant idea. Swagger brings out Queen Elizabeth, who is obviously an actress to play her. Made even more painfully obvious when Cole kisses her after he's "knighted." Cole tries to get the crowd into chanting "Sir Michael Cole." But every time he repeats it, they answer with "Sucks!" Cole calls them peasants, and wants JR & Lawler to get in the ring to kiss his feet. He takes off his sock and shoe, & as the two of them get in the ring, Swagger proceeds to throw a beating on Lawler. Swagger comes from behind JR, beats him down, and puts him in the ankle lock as Cole shoves his foot in his face, yelling to him to kiss his foot. They prance around the ring as we are shown Orton & Punk for later on tonight and we go to break.

Santino Marella vs U.S. Champ Sheamus (non-title)

Santino comes to a nice pop from the European crowd. Josh Matthews is now at commentary as Cole is back in his penalty box, showing off his dirty foot. Sheamus comes out and mentions the tea party that Santino threw for him during their last European tour & embarrassing him. (I clearly remember him laughing during that moment.) And Sheamus mentions that he wants revenge. He takes it to Santino, giving him a thorough beating, despite a tiny spark of offense from Santino. Despite a cobra attempt, Sheamus hits him with the Brogue Kick and covers for the win.

Winner: Sheamus w/the Brogue Kick

They show a replay of Truth & Morrison from earlier, then they show Orton & Punk making their way to the ringside area as we go to commercial break.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk (Wrestlemania 27 Rematch – Nexus banned from ringside)

CM Punk is out first, to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with his Nexus minions banned from ringside. They replay the clip of Nexus attacking orton last week on Raw. Orton comes out next to a large pop from the crowd. He does his slow motion walk to the ring as Punk doing his kneeling in the ring. The bell rings, they pace around, and lock up with them being locked up in the corner, as a Randy Orton/CM Punk chant breaks out in the crowd. Eventually Orton is in control as he kicks down Punk in the corner. Punk fights back with a few punches & kicks of his own, even beating down Orton in the corner this time. Orton is thrown into the corner by Punk, but he comes charging out and hits Punk with a pair of clotheslines & a body slam. He coils up and goes for the RKO, but Punk ducks out as Orton lands on his head and we go to a commercial.

Back from break and Punk is in control as he slams Orton to the mat and hits him with a knee drop. He continues to wear down Orton with a suplex and a series headlocks, & a knee to the gut. As Orton tries to regroup outside, Punk hits him with a flying clothesline off the apron before throwing him back into the ring & gets a 2 count for a cover. An RKO/GTS chant breaks out from the crowd, as Punk blows a kiss to the crowd and tries for a suplex which turns into a roll up by Orton for a 2 count. But Punk continues to wear down Orton with more submission maneuvers, until Orton pulls a Tyson by biting on the thumb of Punk to break the hold. Orton is then thrown into the corner as Punk runs in with a knee to the chest. Punk tries for a bulldog, but Orton hits the breaks and slams him to the mat & gets a 2 count. Orton goes for another slam, but Punk leaps out and nails him in the back & follows it up with a bulldog & a 2 count for a pinfall. Orton nails a few kicks, but Orton fights back with a backbreaker and a slam to the mat followed by another 2 count. Punk bounces Orton off the top rope as another Punk/Orton chant breaks out. Punk springboards off the rope with a clothesline, but gets a 2 count for another pinfall. Punk sits on the top turnbuckle, but Orton catches up to him and nails a few punches before going upstairs on his own and superplexes Punk back into the ring, & gets a 2 count. Punk rolls to the apron & Orton grabs him and sets him up for the DDT from the second rope. But he takes to long and Punk counters, getting Orton ready for the GTS. Orton slithers out, but Punk kicks him in the head, covers and only gets a 2 count. Another chant breaks out as Punk picks up Orton for the GTS, but Orton slithers out again and rolls up Punk quickly for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Randy Orton w/a roll up

Postmatch: The rest of Nexus comes to the ring and take it to Orton in the corner. Ryan asks for Orton and side slams him to the mat, to a lot of heat from the crowd. Punk taunts Orton, as Ryan pushes both Otunga & McGillicuty away claiming Orton as his own prey. He backs to the corner, getting ready to punt Orton, but Punk tries to hold him off. Punk wants to punt Orton, and as he charges at him, Orton is up and hits an RKO from out of nowhere, and slithers out of the ring. Orton is on the stage as Punk is furious in the ring as the show closes.

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