Source: Screen-One

Screen-One has posted a review of the new Fast & Furious sequel, Fast Five. The review is largely positive, stating that the movie is "one ball of outrageous action, that is well worth a trip to your local multiplex for the most insane fun you will have all summer."

The reviewer also raved over Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's performance. Here is an excerpt of the review: "[Johnson] absolutely steals the movie right out from under Vin Diesel, Paul Walker & Tyrese Gibson's feet. From the moment he enters the film from the cargo hold of a plane, he simply OWNS the screen. He gets the biggest audience pop in the entire movie as well, when it's time and the camera pans to his face for the slow closing in close up, he has you eating out of the palm of his hand and then he utters the line you have been waiting to hear from the moment he arrives. It's never in any doubt, but when he utters it, you can't help yourself but get carried away with yourself and thats star power right there."

The review says that the one negative is that Johnson doesn't have enough screen time, and hopes that they cast him for the next installment of the franchise.

You can check out the full review by clicking here.

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