Live Report From TNA’s Lockdown Viewing Party

Live Report From TNA’s Lockdown Viewing Party
Credit: John Benoit & Pwinsider

I went to the TNA Lockdown VIP viewing party at Universal Citywalk last night and it was GREAT experience.

Those in attendance: Ken Anderson, Eric Young, Tommy Dreamer, James Storm, Hernandez, Gunner, Al Snow, Simon Diamond, Rosita, and The Hebners. TNA announced earlier in the day that Mick Foley would not be attending.

There were a little less than 100 fans in attendance, so everyone was able to get autographs and photos with all the talent and even one on one time to talk. All the fans in attendance were given the new Mick Foley DVD and a signed poster from the Lockdown PPV that was signed by everyone except Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.

It was fun watching the wrestlers watch their own match for the first time on TV with commentary. The DVD came RIGHT from the production truck and came right to Orlando with a TNA staffer, so it was the exact broadcast from Sunday, minus the pre-game show.

A really good night overall.

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