-- After R-Truth mercilessly attacked John Morrison Monday night on RAW, the WWE Superstar grabbed cigarettes from an "audience" member and blew smoke in Morrison's face. Earlier, The Shaman of Sexy derided his former tag team partner for his smoking habit and challenged him for his position in the title match at Extreme Rules, which he won. R-Truth's bit with the cigarettes did not air during the RAW broadcast in the UK.

-- John sent this one in: Last night on Raw, R-Truth began to smoke a Cigarette in a public area. Back in 2006, England decided to make smoking in a public area illegal. That's the reason for why people began chanting "That's Illegal". If people wish to smoke, they must leave the area and stand outside. This law has been in effect since 2006. Just thought that I'd pass it on.

-- Perro Aguayo Jr. was released from the hospital this morning in Guadalajara and will be heading home. He will be receiving treatment for the next year and no other details have been released at this time. The Perros del Mal group will be holding a press conference in the coming days to reveal more details.

-- Dave Lagana discusses the WWE Draft at iwantwrestling.com

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