-- Gregory Davis sent in these live notes from the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view: On Sunday, the VIPs were indeed let in early, for about 30 minutes, although things weren't run that smoothly. First we couldn't go to our seats, as they were still "working on the cage." That's not a big deal, but the venue had several monitors showing what's going on from a still camera, and the cage was all set. Van Dam could be seen stretching. The good news, though, was that we could get our merchandise and food without having to deal with crowded lines. It was also a sight to see Don West do his thing. If there was a problem with something bought, he'd immediately correct it. He yelled for a box of programs so he could get some sales going outside. The man does work hard. I'm always bad with attendance, but I'd say they did come in near, and perhaps surpass, their attendance record. For one, the venue wasn't in half use. There was a curtain, but it covered almost the same amount that WWE would. There were a lot of filled sections. In fact, while complete sections remained empty at first, fans started filling up there as the show got closer, which tells me that had a good walk up. However, one big thing I noticed were the lack of ringside seats. Plenty near the stage, but in some sides, there were only three rows. And across from the stage, they ended up removing several rows. This tells me that they have trouble filling some of the higher priced tickets. That said, this did give everyone on the floor some nice leg room. A perk if you will. I was surprised that they didn't have any of the talent on the floor before the show. Obviously there was no Dixie. I love the set. WWE was several variations of video walls, and TNA's looks very good in person. SoCal Val came out first to introduce the commentators, and then Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme. He did his usual deal, only this time it wasn't about backstage passes, but to instead get everyone on TV. As for the show, I'll only look at specific parts that stand out in my memory. The crowd did seem dead at spots early on. They popped for the flashier moves, but not 100% into it. The crowd LOVED Steiner. Likewise, they HATED Bischoff. His segment really upset me, because all it did was waste time. Surprisingly, there was no pyro from what I can recall. Budget issue, or permit issue? The Hogan's came out a third of the way through the show to take their seats, and in my opinion really took away from the show. At times. Can't you just be in the back? The crowd loved Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett. For the record, they announced that the first fall would be pinfall several times, and not once that it was submission. But they were going nuts for all the big spots. There was definitely concern after the powerbomb spot. From my viewpoint in the lower level, it looked like his head came straight down, and I thought he was paralyzed. At that point I was just hoping for him to move. He needs a month or two off after this. For the main event, the crowd was greatly into it, especially Flair, but giving Fortune some love as well. Daniels' dive was amazing in person. Overall, a great way to end the show. Nice to see a PPV end on such a positive note.

-- After being examined by a doctor, it has been diagnosed that Jeff Jarrett has badly bruised ribs, not broken as first reported.

-- **SPOILER ALERT**: Abyss was injured at last night's TNA iMPACT! tapings. During his match with Rob Van Dam, Abyss had either one or both of his front teeth knocked out. He immediately left the taping, and as of this report, no one has an update on his condition.

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