-- Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Michelle, who left on this week's episode because she missed her kids, appeared on The Dr. Phil show with her husband, who is reality star and occasional TNA personality Jonny Fairplay. The two claimed that they fight all the time, though it reportedly came off like a publicity stunt. You can read more about it at drphil.com

-- Joey Styles tweeted the following today: My Earth Day breakfast: eagle eggs and baby seal sausage eaten with utensils carved from elephant tusks. Tree huggers, send hate tweets :) Just like Original ECW, I'm politically incorrect and damn proud of it! Celebrating Earth Day with all lights on and all faucets running :) Both SUVs are running in the driveway and the heat is on maximum with all the windows open. Happy Earth Day!

-- The main event of the JCW's iPPV on April 20th is online; you can check it out below.

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