The show begins with a video tribute to the R Rated Superstar, with footage from last week's Smackdown. It concludes with highlights of the battle royal from last week.

Still live from across the pond in London England. They announce Del Rio's retirement party for Edge and show the Heavyweight Championship hanging above the ring. They announce two title matches for later, Big Show & Kane against Slater & Gabriel for the tag titles, as well as Kofi Kingston in his rematch against Wade Barrett for the IC Title.

Michael Cole comes out in his cape getting a lot of heat from the crowd. He enters his penalty box which is adorned with British flags, a throne, a picture of him kissing the queen, and cardboard cut outs of William & Kate.

Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring with a couple of guys pushing a shopping cart filled with paper bags. Cody says he's wearing his mask for protection, and that Mysterio his wearing his mask because he's hiding & ashamed of himself. He tells his guys at ringside to pass out paper bag masks to everyone at ringside. Most of the audience takes them willingly, just so they could be on camera. And Mysterio's music hits to some love from the crowd and we now have a match.

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes (Wrestlemania 27 Rematch)

It starts out with Cody beating down Mysterio, but Rey fights back causing a charging Rhodes to go over the top rope to the outside. Rey gives him a sit down splash onto the floor and we go to a commercial break.

Back from break and as Rey goes for a springboard on the turnbuckle, Cody hits the ropes to knock him down. He takes control and kicks Rey in the corner before being pushed off by the ref. Rhodes dominates for most of the match. But Rey eventually fights back, he goes for a splash from up top, but is nailed by Cody with a standing dropkick. Rhodes picks him up for a slam, but Rey rolls it over into a pin for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Postmatch: Rhodes goes right after Rey, taking him down with a clothesline before throwing him to the outside. He throws him into the barricade twice, before throwing him over the barricade. Rey fights back hitting Rhodes back over the barricade towards the ring. The beatings continue into the crowd on the opposite side from earlier and back to ringside for several more minutes. Cody hits the Crossroads onto Rey, finishing it up by placing a paper bag onto Rey's head. And we go to commercial break.

Back from break and we're backstage in Corre's locker room and we see Gabriel talking to Barrett & Slater about the royal last week. Big Zeke comes in and says "As your leader, I'm here for you." Barrett gives him a dirty look but Zeke says he was just messing with him. Barrett teases Zeke back as we go back to the arena.

Cole takes us to a replay of LayCool's therapy session from last week. Then they show us another session with them from earlier this week. Michelle is still not enjoying it. They start bickering like an old married couple and talk about splitting up. Michelle says that maybe Layla isn't flawless which Layla start to cry. She gets up to leave, but Michelle stops her and apologizes. When Layla goes to thank the therapist, Michelle tosses her into the couch and starts beating her before storming off as we go to break.

Back from break and Cole is in the ring, doing his attention spiel. He shows a replay of the foot kissing of JR from Raw on Monday night, as well as him being knighted. After the clip, he brings out Jack Swagger for his match.

Jack Swagger vs Trent Baretta

Baretta is already at ringside for this. Swagger tosses him around the ring before hitting him with a Swagger Bomb. But after a brief spurt of offense from Baretta that resulted in an epic fail, Swagger gets him in the ankle lock to win the match and parade around the ring.

Winner: Jack Swagger w/the ankle lock

After the match, they show a clip of the Big Show on the Kids Choice awards hosting a monster truck green goo splash out somewhere in the boonies. They then show Kane & Big Show making their way out to the ring for their match which is next. And we have a commercial break.

Big Show & Kane vs WWE Tag Champs Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (Tag Title Match)
Back from break to the second clip of Awesome Kong, aka Karma, from Monday Night. Show & Kane come out first to a large pop from the crowd. Corre comes out to the ring next, minus Wade Barrett who is still backstage. Slater & Kane start things out, with Kane hitting Slater with a big body drop and a drop kick before getting a 2 count. He then tags in Big Show smacks Slater across the chest, before ramming his backside into him a few times and then tags Kane back in. He comes in and lands an uppercut. He goes for a body slam, but Slater hops out of it. He hits Kane in his knee and then tags in Gabriel who comes to a huge fist from Kane. Kane throws Gabriel into the corner and rams him a few times before going for a cover for a 2 count. He then goes up top, but is pushed over by Big Zeke. Gabriel tags in Slater who goes for the fallen big red monster. He gets him in a headlock before tagging in Gabriel who beats down Kane in their corner. But Kane powers out of it and goes for a side slam, but Gabriel counters by slamming him onto the mat. He goes for a cover but gets a 2 count. Gabriel then tags in Slater who goes up top but flies into an uppercut from Kane who then tags in Big Show. The world's largest athlete hits Slater with a pair of clotheslines, a body press in the corner, and then a shoulder block before motioning for the choke slam. Gabriel comes flying in but is caught by Show and then tossed outside. Zeke gets up on the apron, but is knocked down by Kane. Show hits Slater with a choke slam and gets the pinfall for the win, and we have new tag champs.

Winner: Big Show & Kane (New Tag Team Champions)

They show the replays as the pair celebrate in the ring and we got to break.

Back from break and we're backstage showing the now former champs, Slater & Gabriel arguing with Jackson, saying its his fault they lost the belts. But Zeke tells them they need to look in the mirror, saying it's their fault, putting the focus on Slater since he was the one that got pinned. Gabriel looks at Slater, who answers back with a hard shove to the floor and walks off.

Drew McIntyre vs Chris Masters

Drew comes out first to some large heat from the crowd. Chris Masters actually comes out to his music for once to some love from the crowd. It starts with the traditional lock up ending with Drew being muscled to the corner. Masters tries to get the Master Lock on early, but Drew powers out of it, and hammers him into the turnbuckle. But Chris comes back with a hard slap to knock Drew to the apron. Drew bounces Masters off the top rope from his throat to allow him to regroup at ringside. Drew takes control for several minutes before Masters mounts a comeback. Masters goes for the Master Lock, which gets pushed towards the corner where Drew counters by stepping up and pushing back, slamming them down to the mat. Drew gets back up, nails the Future Shock DDT, and gets the pinfall for the win. After the match, we get another commercial break.

Winner: Drew McIntyre w/Future Shock DDT

Back from break to a replay of R-Truth & Morrison from Raw on Monday. The clip is shown pretty much in it's entirity for the purpose of killing time and our dramatic enjoyment. They then go over the triple threat steel cage match at Extreme Rules. They then replay the footage of Mysterio & Rhodes from earlier, more time consumption here. The reason for the two of them taking it outside to the crowd earlier is reason for them to now announce that at Extreme Rules, Mysterio & Rhodes will face each other in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Kofi's music hits as his match is up next. He comes out to a nice pop from the crowd as we go to commercial break.

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston (IC Title Match)

Back from break to Kofi waiting in the ring for his opponent to come out. Barrett comes out to a surprising amount of heat from the hometown crowd, with Ezekiel Jackson in tow. The match starts off with Kofi using his fast & furious offense to take it to Barrett for a few moments until Barrett recovers. He beats down Kofi, lands a few kicks before going to the outside to hammer him on the apron. Kofi flips over, kicks him to the barricade, then hits him with a high flying cross body from the top turnbuckle. As the two get their wind back again, we go to another commercial break.

Back from break as Barrett is back in control of the match, after taking Kofi off his feet and throwing him into the ring steps during the break. Kofi is on the ropes as Barrett goes for a clothesline, but Kofi pulls down the ropes causing Barrett to fall to the outside. As Kofi tries to get Barrett, Big Zeke comes from behind, but Kofi dodges causing the charging Jackson to take out Barrett. Kofi throws Barrett back into the ring. Kofi gets back in and runs into a boot from Barrett who then berates Jackson before sending him backstage. The distraction allowed Kofi to get a roll up but only gets a 2 count. Kofi tries again, but still gets a 2 count. Kofi hits Barrett twice then nails him with a standing dropkick, and then hits the Boom Drop. He goes for the Trouble In Paradise, but Barrett dodges it an goes for Wasteland. But Kofi grabs the ropes to get out of it. He's on top of the turnbuckle, but Barrett kicks him in the head and picks him up and turns him over for a roll up. Kofi tries to kick out of it, but Barrett grabs the ropes for leverage and steals the victory. After the match, we have another commercial break.

Winner: Wade Barrett w/the roll up

Back from break to Chimel announcing Ricardo in the ring. The ring is adorned in black but with yellow balloons as Ricardo gets a lot of heat from the crowd. He announces Del Rio to the ring area who comes out in another one of his expensive cars, as his bodyguard Brodus Clay is already in the ring. Del Rio takes to the mic to a lot of heat from the crowd, and does his "…but you already know that" speil. He welcomes everyone to Edge's retirement party. He pulls the cover off one of the gifts in the ring, which is a grandfather clock. He says that Edge can have that and watch his life tick away. He pulls the cover off a table which has some Depend's adult diapers on it. He announces a female guest, and Lita's music hits to a nice pop from the crowd, but it's not Lita, just an actress to play her, a heartily plump one to play her as a nice way of putting it. Del Rio then uncovers the last gift in the ring which is a walker. He introduces Edge's new ride, which is when Ricardo comes out on a scooter, complete with a handicap parking pass, and gets a huge amount of heat from the crowd. Edge's music hits to a large pop from the crowd. He comes out in street clothes, getting one more entrance to the stage. (Thought last week's was his last?) He's wearing a new shirt, featuring "Edge Farewell Tour" on the front, with "Done It All, Won It All" on the back. He says to Del Rio that he looks surprised to see him. He says that he RSVP'd that he wouldn't miss his own retirement party, as he name drops London to a lot of love from the crowd. He notions to Clay, Ricardo, & fake Lita calling them a big bag of poop. (LOL going to miss his mic skills.) Del Rio orders Clay to go attack him. As he walks to the stage, Christian comes out from under the ring with a ladder and takes out both Clay and the incoming Del Rio. Christian then props the latter up in the middle of the ring and grabs the belt that's been hanging their all night as his music hits with large pop from the crowd. He stands atop the ladder, with Del Rio on the ramp, and Edge on the stage as the show closes.

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