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RAW opens with the 20-man battle royal in progress. The battle royal came down to The Big Show and Kofi Kingston from SmackDown!, and Evan Bourne and Mason Ryan from RAW. Show eliminated Bourne and Ryan. Kofi Kingston and The Big Show are the co-winners for SmackDown!

1. John Cena is drafted to SmackDown!

Cena cut a promo backstage and called the move the biggest ever. Cena talked about how excited he was before talking about Extreme Rules and said that he was going to bring the WWE Championshp to SD!. Miz interrupted and said after Sunday, "I can't see you..."

Layla vs. Eve is up now. Eve won a quick match with a roll-up. Michael Cole cut a promo saying he was going to get ready for his match and dissect Jim Ross later tonight in the main event. McCool tried to attack Layla after the match, but Layla turned the tables and dished out a pretty vicious beatdown on McCool.

2. Rey Mysterio is drafted to RAW.

Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus is up now. Kofi pinned Sheamus after a pair of Trouble In Paradise kicks.

3. Randy Orton is drafted to SmackDown!

That is 3 of 5 picks so far that we mentioned in this article earlier today. The other names from that article were Alberto Del Rio and Beth Phoenix, and a follow up article noted The Undertaker. I guess we'll see if that pans out.

Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole is up now. Cole was DQd after interference from Swagger. Cole whipped JR with his belt after the match. Lawler was able to make the save and get a couple of shots in at Cole. The RAW GM chimed in and said Sunday's tag match was now a tag team country whipping match.

Randy Orton (SD!) vs. Dolph Ziggler (RAW) for two draft picks is up now. Orton pinned Ziggler after hitting the RKO to win the match.

While the names were rolling, CM Punk came out and cut a promo for Sunday's PPV.

The two draft picks will be revealed after the commercial break.

4. Mark Henry is drafted to SmackDown!
5. Sin Cara is drafted to SmackDown!

Wade Barrett (SD!) vs. Rey Mysterio (RAW) for two draft picks is up now. It really is seeming like Undertaker will be drafted to RAW at the end of the show.

Mysterio pinned Barrett for two draft picks.

6. The Big Show is drafted to RAW.
7. Alberto Del Rio is drafted to RAW.

Teddy Long announced that Team RAW (Team Miz, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk) will face Team SmackDown! (Christian, Mark Henry and John Cena) for the final draft pick.

During the match, Henry floored Cena with a clothesline and gave Christian a slam on the ringside floor and headed to the back, so it seems like Henry will get a push as a heel. Miz pinned Cena to get the pick for RAW.

The final draft pick is...

8. John Cena has been drafted back to RAW.

That's it for this year's draft. Let us know your thoughts on the draft below. The supplemental draft will take place tomorrow at noon on WWE.com.

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