Tonight was a wild night from North Carolina as the WWE Roster took place to shake the foundations of the two brands.

The show opened up with a 20 Man Raw VS Smackdown Battle Royal, with the winner getting the first two draft picks of the night. Kofi Kingston & The Big Show won it for Smackdown, bringing John Cena over to the blue brand.

Next was a very short diva's match between Eve & Layla, which saw Eve winning it for Raw, bringing over Rey Mysterio over from Smackdown. And Kofi Kingston went two for two, beating Sheamus to bring over Randy Orton from Raw to Smackdown. Later on, Randy Orton fighting for Smackdown, beat Raw's Dolph Ziggler to bring two draft picks over to the blue brand in the form of Mark Henry and the high flying Sin Cara. Not to be outdone, Raw got two more draft picks when Rey Mysterio, fighting for Raw, defeated Wade Barrett. And with his win, he brought over Alberto Del Rio, and one half of the tag team champions, the Big Show.

But the draft ended for the night in a 6 Man Tag Match featuring John Cena, Mark Henry and Christian fighting for Smackdown against Miz, CM Punk and new Raw superstar Alberto Del Rio. After a clothesline from Mark Henry on John Cena, Miz got the pin for the Raw team, but his win brought John Cena back over to the Raw brand.

What are your thoughts not just on tonight's Raw, but the draft results thus far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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