Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With TONS Of Video

Tonight's Raw opened with a Smackdown versus Raw 20 Man Battle Royal. Raw was represented by The Great Khali, Mark Henry, U.S. Champion Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, Santino, Koslov, Ted Dibiase and Mason Ryan. Smackdown had Tag Champs Big Show & Kane, Brodus Clay, Chris Masters, Heath Slater, Ezekiel Jackson, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston. Kane was the first to be eliminated, followed by a quadruple team on Khali to eliminate him. Koslov was the next to go, followed by Ezekiel Jackson. Heath Slater & Chris Masters was removed by Mark Henry. Wade Barrett was eliminated by Dibiase, and then he was eliminated by Kofi. Mark Henry took himself out by eliminating Brodus Clay. Yoshi Tatsu elimianted by Big Show. McIntyre eliminates Sheamus. McIntyre tried to eliminate Bourne, but eliminated himself instead. In an hilarious moment, Santino tried to give the Big Show the Cobra, but Show caught his arm and gave Santino his own Cobra, eliminating him, which even brought a smile to Show's face. Rhodes is the next to go being thrown out by Mason Ryan. And Daniel Bryan is thrown out by Kofi Kingston. The final four, believe it or not, is Big Show & Kofi Kingston for Smackdown, and Mason Ryan and Evan Bourne for Raw. Bourne tried to go upstairs, but was caught by Show and thrown out. Kofi lands a kick to the head of Ryan and Show throws him over for the win.

Winner: Smackdown gets the first draft pick.

Raw Superstar Drafted to Smackdown: John Cena drafted to Smackdown

Smackdown loves it, the guys of Raw are disappointed. And it looks like Cena has to change the color of his shirt from fruity pebbles red to blue. And we have another commercial break.

Back from break, Grisham interviews Cena, who is fired up and quotes a bunch of movie lines and name drops North Carolina, and even quotes the Rock a little bit. He then talks about Extreme Rules, winning the title and bringing it back to Smackdown. But Miz shows up, he says "You're right, after Extreme Rules this Sunday, I can't see you!" as he gives Cena's hand motion.

Matthews and Lawler talk about if Cena wins the title and takes it to Smackdown, but Cole interrupts and he's wearing his cheetoh orange hoodie that says Team Cole on it. He announces a match for later tonight between him and JR and apparently it is the main event. Back to Matthews and Lawler, and they talk about R-Truth from last week and they roll the clip.

After the clip, R-Truth is called out without entrance music, and he gets a lot of heat from the crowd. He name drops Ralleigh North Carolina and then tells the crowd to shut up. The crowd gives him the what chant, which enrages Truth a couple times. He talks about Morrison, that he challenged him because of the fans, that he accepted because of the fans, and that he lost because of the fans. He has a crazy "little Jimmy" moment here. He complains that he came out trying to please the crowd and it got him nowhere. He tells off the fans and gets a nice large boo from the crowd. He says the truth has set him free and he gets jumped from behind by Morrison. The fight goes for a moment down the ramp until officials come out to pull Morrison off him, not once or twice, but three times till we go to commercial.

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