-- WWE has confirmed that Mark Henry has launched an account on Twitter at twitter.com/MH61271

WWE.com posted a video last night of Henry's reaction to being drafted SmackDown!, during which he broke down crying about getting back into shape. Regarding this, he wrote, "I am not sad at all, I am emotional not soft u will see what a angry in shape."

-- WWE Champion The Miz stated on Twitter that all of the Superstars are out of the loop regarding the annual Draft.

He wrote, "Anyone else following the continued #WWEDraft on wwe.com? Some interesting picks thus far. It's amazing how out of the loop the Superstars are. I remember when I got drafted from Smackdown to ECW I found out through wwe.com."

-- Natalya was drafted to the SmackDown! brand during today's WWE Draft. The third-generation wrestler commented on the move.

"Really excited to be on SmackDown!" she wrote on Twitter. "Like I said, change is good and I'm all about it! I guess I need some blue in my outfit now.

"I wonder if ill reunite with @TheBethPhoenix for a sisters of destruction reunion!?"

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