Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- While the WWE has been trying to distance themselves from the word "Wrestling," Daniel Bryan's new shirt features the phrase "Submission Wrestling".

-- L Magazine has an article up on the WWE Film That's What I Am, and you can check out that at

-- Dave Lagana sent this one in: Jensen Karp was on the WWE Creative Team back in 2005 and left because he felt it wasn't the environment for him to be creative in. Jensen was one of the funniest and most creative people I ever worked with and was sorry he didn't get a chance to show off his talents at WWE. Before he went to WWE, Jensen was known as rapper "Hot Karl" and after WWE he runs a very hip pop culture gallery called Gallery1988. Jensen has also done work for Funny or Die including this video (watch here) with Tony Danza, Michael Cera and Martin Starr. Jensen is back with Bestie's Night which he wrote, produced and performed in and features Tommy Lee. You can check that out at

-- Dan Higgins sent this one in: The Rock's latest film Fast & Furious 5 is currently top of the UK film chart and is the biggest ever Universal release in the UK which I pretty impressive. A lot has been made of The Rock's face-off with Vin Diesel and they are really using it as a selling point to the film. Here is our review which gave it four stars and spoke about The Rock's performance quite a bit. Also, we have a Fast & Furious 5 competition where the prizes are a bags, t-shirts and water bottles with a pretty easy Rock question at

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