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Good to be back in Oklahoma. Typing this blog is tedious as my right hand is not wanting to cooperate. Nonetheless, the grill is hot so let's get started.

Hopefully, Cole and I did not overly offend too many of you wrestling purists with our 'exhibition' Monday night. It earned the top quarter hour TV rating on the program for the night and that distinction has already been throughly analyzed by those who earn a living covering the genre. Lots of ways for that data to be dissected one can argue.

Either one was entertained by that particular piece of business or they weren't. I do know that no one involved in the presentation 'phoned' in their contribution.

My right hand is somewhat banged up and the x-rays were not overly encouraging Tuesday but it won't keep me from doing what I need to do on Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Cole's tooth went to the bone on a knuckle on my right hand which caused bleeding from my hand and his lip for those that have asked. Apparently the risk of infection from a human tooth IE a bite or something like what occurred Monday night is potentially harmful so we've been very careful with the infection aspect of the 'wound' in addition to caring for a sore hand.

I've been in one Country Whipping' match in my dubious 'wrestling' career which was years ago on Raw against the Coach. Those are inherently painful encounters as the leather strap cares not who it strikes or the results of such lashings. Sunday on PPV won't be a fun day at the office in all likelihood.

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