Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- That's What I Am is still doing well with the critics, relatively speaking. Looking at the review aggregate sites, it is currently holding a 51/100 on Metacritic, which is at the high end of "Mixed or Average Reviews." It is holding a 70% at Rotten Tomatoes, indicating "Fresh" or a good film, with the 'Top Critics' holding a 100% positive ratio. It is sitting at 57.3% on Movie Review Intelligence based on nine reviews, which is considered "Good (Not Great) Reviews.

-- Alberto Del Rio has been described by WWE sources as a "master politician" behind the scenes because he has figured out how to navigate the organization's cutthroat environment quicker than almost anyone.

Del Rio is also looked at by Vince McMahon as WWE's next big star, thus his massive push in recent months.

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