"Yes sir, we promised you a great main event tonight…."

The show opens with replays from Monday Night Raw showing highlights of the draft. And the opening includes new roster members like Orton, Henry, Sin Cara, and Sheamus. And they show the Heavyweight once again hanging high above the middle of the ring. They announce Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel in a rematch with Kane & Big Show for the tag titles, as well as Rey Mysterio versus Mark Henry in his last match on Smackdown.

Randy Orton's music hits to a large pop from the crowd. He comes out with his trademark red opening, showing bright white smiles, and sporting Smackdown blue. He takes the mic to a loud Randy chant, and introduces himself to the Smackdown fans. He talks about his unfinished business this Sunday with CM Punk at Extreme Rules. But he is interrupted by new Raw superstar, Drew McIntyre minus his trademark pony tail. He brags about being drafted to Raw, and as he gets in the ring, he stands toe to toe, face to face with Orton as the crowd yells an RKO chant. He tries to hit him with the Future Shock, but Orton slithers out of it and hits an RKO. Drew is now gone so Orton tries to continue, but he is interrupted again, this time by Alex Riley, who was also drafted to Smackdown. He can't even say a word as he walks into an RKO from Orton. Orton grabs the mic again, looks towards the stage, and tries to continue. But he's interrupted yet again this time by Raw bound Alberto Del Rio. He comes out to the stage with Ricardo & Clay. He does his "already know that" spiel as he walks to the ring. He also brags about going to Raw and that he will take the Heavyweight title to Raw. He and his cronies get in the ring to jump Orton, but Christian comes to the ring help even the odds a bit. Before a fight can break out, Teddy Long comes to the stage. He announces a tag team match for the main event with Christian & Orton against Del Rio & Clay. The crowd loves it and we go to our first commercial break.

Kofi Kingston vs U.S. Champ Sheamus (non-title)

Back from break and new Raw superstar Kofi Kingston comes out for a match. He's on the ramp as his pyro is going off, but he is attacked from behind by Smackdown newbie, the U.S. Champ Sheamus. The fight is taken all the way to the ringside area. Sheamus ends the beating with a Brogue Kick to Kofi's head inside the ring. They reannounce Mysterio & Henry for later, and we go to another commercial break.

No Winner Here, match didn't start

Back from break to a replay of Cole's match with JR from Raw on Monday Night. Back to the arena, and Cole is in the ring with a busted lip and a shiner as he does his "attention" speil. He gets a lot of heat from the crowd and he introduces Swagger out to the ring. Thankfully, hopefully in respect to the british newlyweds, he's not doing his sir gimmick & calling himself royalty. Though his penalty box is still adorned with the same detail in recent weeks since being knighted. Swagger comes out in his Raw shirt & the two parade around the ring. Sin Cara's music hits the arena as their match starts.

Sin Cara vs Jack Swagger

As his pyro goes off, Cara clears the top rope as he leaps into the ring, mostly due to a catapult not shown on camera. Despite Swagger's powerful offense, Sin Cara is still able to fight back with his fast & furious offense. During the match, the lighting over the ring is casting a blue & yellow glow onto the ringside area. The match turns when Swagger goes for a Swagger bomb, but Cara gets his knees up. Just as Cara is getting his momentum, Swagger kicks him with a big boot to the head. Cole hands him a belt to use, but Cara goes up on Swagger's shoulders, and rolls him up for the quick win.

Winner: Sin Cara w/the roll up

Postmatch: Swagger tries to take out Cara, but he falls over the top rope as Cara pulls it down. Then he leaps over and hits him with a crossbody splash to the floor before retreating backstage. They show the highlights of the match, then show the tag champs backstage as they make their way to the ring. And we go to commercial.

Back from break to the replay of the Kharma video from Monday night.

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane (Tag Title Rematch)

Gabriel and Slater make their way out first alone and without Jackson or Barrett. The tag champs come out next to a nice pop from the crowd. Show and his punching bag Slater start things off. Slater gets hammered to one corner, but lifts his knees to a charging Big Show in the other corner. As he's lifted up for a slam, he slithers out of it, takes out the giant's leg, and tags in his partner Justin Gabriel, who hits him with a missle dropkick from the top turnbuckle. He lands several kicks to keep Big Show down and tries for a cover, but gets only a 2 count. And we go to commercial break.

Back from break and the former champs are taking it to Big Show, keeping him down and making quick tags. When Gabriel is tagged in, he goes upstairs again and lands in the fist of the Big Show, who tries for a slam, but Gabriel turns it into a DDT and gets another 2 count. Gabriel eventually gets a bear hug sleeper on Show, who powers out of it by slamming Gabriel to the floor. The tags are made in both sides as Kane takes it to Slater. He lands a few punches and a big boot, and gets only a 2 count. He hits a side slam and gets another 2 count. Kane goes upstairs and hits a flying clothesline. He gets Slater ready for a chokeslam as Gabriel comes in from upstairs, but is caught by Kane. He goes for a double chokeslam, but they slither out of it. Show comes in and here's your double choke slam. Kane covers Slater and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Kane & Big Show w/the choke slam (still tag team champions)

After the match, we're shown Khali talking to Mysterio backstage. Khali wishes Mysterio good luck on Raw. As Mysterio leaves, new developmental talent Jinder Mahal walks up. Singh and Khali speak to him in their native tongue. As he walks off, we go to commercial.

Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry

Back from break as Raw's newest draftee Rey Mysterio hits the arena to a large pop. They show the replay of his match with Rhodes from last week on Smackdown. Mysterio takes to the mic and bids farewell to the Smackdown audience. Smackdown's newest member, Mark Henry comes to the ring in all smiles as he returns to Smackdown. Rey tries to start it fast, but Henry catches up and uses his power to wear down the master of the 619. When he's done recovering at ringside, Rey gets back in the ring and tries again, but he runs into the wall that is the World's Strongest Man. When Henry picks up the lawn dart, Rey gets out of it, trying to fight back with a fists and feet, but is just hammered down to the mat before being tossed to the outside. Henry goes outsisde, and Rey tries a few kicks to take him down, but Henry pushes him into the ring steps. Henry charges in, but Rey dodges, causing Henry to take a tumble. Rey gets back into the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Mysterio is nailing kicks to Henry in the corner. He goes upstairs, but Henry gets back up and sweeps Rey's legs out from under him, causing him to dangle head down over the turnbuckles. Henry charges in and nails him with a splash in the corner. Henry covers, but only gets a 2 count. He gives him a headbutt, kicks him on the mat, and hammers his head into the turnbuckle. He goes for a sitdown slam, but Rey gets out of the way. He then goes upstairs and hits a sitdown splash, goes for a 2 ccount, butHenry throws him off at 2. Rey hits the 619, and as he goes tries to climb the ropes, he is ambushed form behind by Cody Rhodes to cause the DQ.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via the DQ

Postmatch: Cody takes the beating to Rey at ringside and into the crowd. He takes him back to ringside and throws him into Henry inside the ring. Henry hits him with the World's Strongest Slam before retreating backstage. He passes Cody on the ramp and smiles. Cody then goes into the ring and places a paper bag mask on Rey Mysterio. And we have another commercial break.

Back from break to a replay of Michelle's beating on Layla last week on Smackdown, as well as Layla's loss to Eve on Raw and Layla's postmatch beating on Michelle afterwards.

Michelle McCool vs Layla

Michelle coms out first as the guys talk about the split of LayCool. Layla comes out next to the same music. The match starts with these two just having an all out brawl. The fight leads to the outside as they take it to each other and they don't even realize that they are counted out by the ref.

No Winner Here – Double Count Out

Postmatch: Refs are keeping them apart as the crowd chants "Let Them Fight", showing that for once, the fans are actually into a Diva's match. Layla grabs a mic saying she's sick of her. She challenges Michelle to a match at Extreme Rules, no DQ, no count out. Michelle accepts, but under one condition, the loser leaves______. It is clearly dubbed over at this point. She said Smackdown, but its clearly dubbed over as you hear her voice say "WWE." When you hear this part, the camera is on Layla's face, so you don't see Michelle. But its an obvious dubb over. Layla accepts the stipulation and we go to commercial break.

Back from break and we're backstage as Stryker interviews Christian, asking him about his match at Extreme Rules. Christian talks about when Del Rio injured him causing him to go out with a pectoral injury. He mentions his good friend Edge having to retire, causing him to reflect on his own career. He talks about his own destiny to win the Heavyweight Title and to keep it. The guys at the tables start talking about the matches at Extreme Rules, going over each match. And the main event match is up next.

Randy Orton & Christian vs Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay

Chimel is in the ring and he announces Ricardo, who announces Del Rio. He comes out in a sweet Ferrari convertible and his partner Clay is already in the ring. As he makes his way to the ring, we go to commercial.

Back from break and Christian is out first to a large pop from the crowd. Orton is out next to a larger pop. Christian and Del Rio start things off in the match. But Christian taunts Del Rio to the corner and he tags in Clay who muscles Christian to the floor. He tosses him to the mat, pushes him to the ropes, but Christian comes back with a big slap to tbe big man. Clay catches Christian and throws him to the corner. He charges in but gets kicked by Christian who uses a sunset flip to try to take the big man down. But Clay continues to muscle him down before Del Rio gets tagged in. He kicks Christian's arm to soften him up for his finisher and tries for a cover but gets a 2 count. Christian is eventually able to make a comeback and make a tag to Orton. He nails several kicks to Del Rio's arm and hits him with a pair of knee drops. He goes for a cover but gets a count. Del Rio gets back up and hits Orton in the arm and tags in Clay. He slams Orton to the mat as we go to commercial.

Back from break as Del Rio & Clay is still in control over Orton making quick tags and a kick to Orton's head by Del Rio. Alberto has Orton in a headlock, who eventually gets close to his corner and teases a stretch tag to Christian. But Del Rio drags him back only to be picked up for a body slam by Orton. They get to their corners and tags are made at both ends, and Christian ducks a clothesline from Clay and hits him with a pair of his own to try to take the big man down. Clay throws Christian to the corner, charges in, but meets a kick from Christian who hits him with a pair of dropkicks from the second rope. Christian sets Clay on the ropes, hops over to the outside and hits him with his patented uppercut. He goes upstairs, but is caught by Clay and hit with an overhead slam to the mat and a two count. Clay causes a distraction from the ref to allow Del Rio to hit a fallen Christian with a kick to the arm. Orton tries to intervene, but causes further distraction to allow more doubleteam on his parther. Del Rio is tagged in and starts working on Christian's arm. But he powers out of it, but gets a headbutt from Del Rio to the corner. Del Rio charges in but is tossed over to the outside by Christian. Del Rio crawls back into the ring as Christian is crawling to his corner. But Del Rio makes the tag to Clay who stops Christian from tagging in Orton. He picks him up and heatbutts him in the back of the neck. Clay then slams Christian back to the mat with a pair of body slams. He tags in Del Rio who hits him with a splash on his arm. He covers but gets a 2 count. Del Rio preys on Christian as he crawls to the corner before coming in with a kick to his arm. He then goes up top, but Orton distracts him long enough for Christian to get back up and meeting him upstairs and tosses him back into the middle of the ring. Christian makes the tag to Orton who is in a house afire. He hits Del Rio with a pair of clotheslines, a power slam, and a side slam. He hits him with his patented DDT from the second rope. Orton coils up, and as Del Rio gets up, he tries for the RKO. But Del Rio pushes him off to the ropes, and Clay takes his legs out from under him as Del Rio tags him in. Clay comes in and runs into an RKO from out of no where, and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton & Christian w/the RKO

The two celebrate in the ring as Del Rio retreats to the stage as the show closes out.

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