'WWE Extreme Rules' Results

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Back in the ring, Punk climbed to the top but Orton was able to grab the kendo stick and beat the hell out of Punk with it on the top rope. Orton climbed to the top and nailed Punk with an RKO from the top, knocking Punk out. Both men were down, but Orton got back to his feet at 9 while Punk stayed down. Great opener.

Randy Orton defeated CM Punk in a Last Man Standing Match.

Backstage Sheamus tells Teddy Long that he doesn't like having to defend his US title against Kofi Kingston in a tables match because Kingston isn't from the U.S.
Sheamus asked to see Kofi's birth certificate and Long told him not to worry about it since he may not be champ after tonight.

Tables Match for the U.S. Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Both men trade the advantage early on. Sheamus set up a table outside of the ring, but they fought back into the ring. Sheamus was on the apron and Kofi tried to charge at him to knock him through the table, but Sheamus lunged at him with a shoulderblock to take control of the match-up.

The story of the match was that Sheamus would continue to throw Kofi into the tables, but Kofi would leap out of the way of the table.

The end of the match saw Kofi place Sheamus on a table outside of the ring. Kofi climbed to the top rope and crashed through Sheamus, to defeat Sheamus and win the U.S. Championship. Another good match.

Kofi Kingston defeated Sheamus in a tables match to win the U.S. Championship.

Todd Grisham interviewed R-Truth backstage. Truth told Grisham to shut up. Truth said he smelt a conspiracy. Truth said Miz, Cena and Morrison don't want him in the match, and Morrison stole his opportunity to become WWE Champion. He said the one thing he can't stand is a thief to end the promo.

Country Whipping Match:
Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross vs. Jack Swagger and Michael Cole

Cole came out wrapped in bubble wrap. Cole cut a promo, saying JR and Lawler should stay in Florida since they are old retirees.

JR and Lawler come out with straps in tow and we are underway. JR and Lawler used the strap on Swagger, who quickly tagged in Cole. Lawler tried whipping Cle, to no avail because of the bubble wrap. Lawler punched Cole and then ripped the bubble wrap off, and Cole tagged in Swagger.

Swagger then took control and dominated for several minutes. At one point, JR and Lawler got contol and Ross was able to secure an ankle lock on Swagger. Swagger actually sold the hold before tagging in Cole.

Ross then started beating Cole and looked pretty fired up. Ross clotheslined Cole and started whipping him on his butt. JR then went to tie Cole's legs up with the strap and Swagger pulled Ross off. As Ross and Swagger argued, Cole rolled JR up and got the three count. Not as bad as it could have been.

Michael Cole and Jack Swagger defeated Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler in a "Country Whipping Match."

Todd Grisham interviewed John Cena backstage. Cena talked about how he hasn't held the title in 10 months and how he plans to win the title tonight.

Falls Count Anywhere Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

The match went to the outside of the ring early. Mysterio landed a flying charge from the stage to the floor onto Rhodes.

They battled into the stands and into the concession stands. Mysterio dominated Rhodes in the stands and the two fought back to the ring.

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