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Last Standing Man Match
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Orton hits the ring first. Punk's music hits and he heads to the ring with Nexus. The RAW GM chimes in and says that Nexus is banned from ringside. Nexus heads to the back, Punk enters the ring and we're off.

Orton took the early advantage, battering Punk in and out of the ring. Punk was able to secure a kendo stick and gain the advantage.

Punk hammered away on Orton with the kendo stick. Orton was finally able to get a hold of the stick, but Punk nailed Orton with a spinning back kick to keep the weapon. Punk landed some shots to Orton's shoulder with the stick.

Punk continued to dominate the match, and introduced a steel chair. Punk set it up in the corner, but it backfired and Orton was able to throw Punk head first through the chair. Orton followed Punk out of the ring, and the referee started the count, but Punk got up at 7.

Orton continued his assault, this time laying Punk down for a 9 count. Punk regained the advantage with a kick to the head. Orton was down for 8, but got up and rammed Punk's head on the announcer's table.

Moments later, they got back in the ring, and Punk was able to connect with a GTS. Orton got up at 8 and Punk grabbed a chair from the outside. Punk was using the chair to his advantage, but Orton was able to hit an RKO out of nowhere. Ounk got up at 9 and fell outside of the ring. Orton chased him and clotheslined Punk ove the barricade. Orton went for a DDT on the floor, but Punk rammed Orton into the corner post. Orton got up at 8. Punk wrapped Orton's neck in a chair and sent him into the corner. Orton got up at 9 and Punk took him over to the table.

Punk went for the GTS on the announcer's table, but Orton was able to reverse and hit an RKO on the table, but the table didn't break. Punk rolled off of the table and back to his feet at 8, and fell to the ground. Orton then got that crazy look in his eye and went for the punt, but Punk moved out of the way. Punk got Orton up for the GTS and then dropped him on the steel steps. Punk then retrieved the a kendo stick once again.

Back in the ring, Punk climbed to the top but Orton was able to grab the kendo stick and beat the hell out of Punk with it on the top rope. Orton climbed to the top and nailed Punk with an RKO from the top, knocking Punk out. Both men were down, but Orton got back to his feet at 9 while Punk stayed down. Great opener.

Randy Orton defeated CM Punk in a Last Man Standing Match.

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