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Country Whipping Match:
Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross vs. Jack Swagger and Michael Cole

Cole came out wrapped in bubble wrap. Cole cut a promo, saying JR and Lawler should stay in Florida since they are old retirees.

JR and Lawler come out with straps in tow and we are underway. JR and Lawler used the strap on Swagger, who quickly tagged in Cole. Lawler tried whipping Cle, to no avail because of the bubble wrap. Lawler punched Cole and then ripped the bubble wrap off, and Cole tagged in Swagger.

Swagger then took control and dominated for several minutes. At one point, JR and Lawler got contol and Ross was able to secure an ankle lock on Swagger. Swagger actually sold the hold before tagging in Cole.

Ross then started beating Cole and looked pretty fired up. Ross clotheslined Cole and started whipping him on his butt. JR then went to tie Cole's legs up with the strap and Swagger pulled Ross off. As Ross and Swagger argued, Cole rolled JR up and got the three count. Not as bad as it could have been.

Michael Cole and Jack Swagger defeated Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler in a "Country Whipping Match."

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