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World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match:
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

Christian got the early advantage. Del Rio introduced the ladder outside the ring, but Christian was able to avoid having it used on him.

Moments later, Del Rio setup a ladder outside of the ring from the apron to the announce table. Del Rio threw Christian into the ladder, but Christian slid under and rammed Del Rio's head into the ladder. Christian climbed to the top rope but was pushed off, and he landed on another ladder setup outside of the ring and charged onto Del Rio.

Christian went back in the ring and climbed a ladder in the middle of the ring, but Del Rio broke up the climb. After a series of reversals, Christian was able to toss Del Rio onto the ladder. He then nailed Del Rio with it, sending Del Rio out of the ring.

Christian started climbing the ladder, but Del Rio got back in the ring and threw a ladder at Christian to regain the advantage. Del Rio applied an armbar and then rammed his arm into a ladder. He then grabbed a step ladder and nailed Christian in the mid-section and setup the ladder in the corner. Del Rio then threw Christian in the corner and charged with another ladder, but Christian moved out of the way. Christian then set the ladder up near the center, but Del Rio met him on the third rung and got him in a powerbomb, but Christian was able to roll Del Rio out to the apron.

Later in the match, Christan nailed Del Rio with the spear. Christian tried to climb the ladder, but Del Rio caught him in a rung. As Del Rio almost reached the belt, Christian pushed him off. Moments later, Del Rio positioned Christian on the ladder outside of the ring. Del Rio climbed to the top rope and dove off, but Christian moved out of the way and Del Rio crashed through the ladder.

Back in the ring, Christian started to climb the ladder. He climbed to the top, but Brodus Clay hit the ring and knocked the ring down. Christian hung onto the cable holding the belt and then dove on Clay and threw him in the ladder. Del Rio got back in the ring and got Christian in an arm-bar. Del Rio tossed Christian out and then started to climb the ladder to the belt. Before he could get to the top, Edge came out in a jeep and started honking. Christian pushed Del Rio off the ladder onto Clay and Rodriguez outside of the ring. Christian finally climbed the ladder and got the belt to win the match. Another great match, really good PPV so far.

Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Edge had tears in his eyes as he clapped while Christian celebrated. The two embraced and Edge raised Christian's hand.

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