Another Detailed Set Of WWE Extreme Rules Results

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Event: WWE Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, May 1st, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The St Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

WWE Extreme Rules Opener:

We open the show with a video package highlighting the theme of tonight's event, as well as some of the main feuds heading into Extreme Rules.

The pyro hits and Josh Matthews welcomes us to the PPV proper. The stage looks great with a big X made out of scaffolding behind the tron. It looks like we'll be kicking things off with the Last Man Standing match as Justin Roberts begins running down the rules before introducing Randy Orton, who comes out to a monster pop.

Last Man Standing Match
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Orton makes his way down to the ring. CM Punk is the next man out to the ring, and he makes his way out to a bit of a mixed reaction, with the New Nexus in tow. Before Punk is able to make it all the way to the ring though, the lights dim as we have an announcement from the Raw GM. Apparently, Orton and Punk must resolve their issues tonight, and all members of Nexus are banned from ringside. The members of Nexus psych Punk up before leaving the ringside area.

Punk stalls on the apron for a bit before jumping into the ring. The bell rings and we're ready to kick things off. We get a slow start as Punk tests the water with a kick. This doesn't last long though as Orton lays into Punk with a series of punches and a big clothesline before kicking Punk out of the ring. Orton follows and slams Punk into the barricade, then the ring steps. Orton slams Punk into the steps again before ripping at his face and clubbing his chest.

Orton sends Punk back into the ring and Punk begs off before catching Randy with a big kick. Punk follows up with a kick to Orton's head before he tries to slam his head into an exposed turnbuckle cover that Punk exposed before coming into the ring. Orton tries to fight it off, but Punk takes Orton down and hits a knee drop to Punk's face. Orton is able to fight back with a big snap mare and a knee drop of his own to Punk's chest.

Punk goes to the outside and under the apron and when Orton approaches, he ends up eating a couple of kendo stick shots for his troubles before being thrown back into the ring. Punk grabs another kendo stick and makes his way into the ring behind Orton before slamming down with the stick across Orton's chest. Punk poses while Orton gets a five count before standing. Orton gets to his feet and hits Punk with a massive European uppercut. Orton goes for a kendo stick, but Punk is able to catch him with a kick to prevent being hit. Punk grabs one of the Kendo stick and tattoos Orton across his back.

Punk picks Orton up for a big belly to back suplex and the ref begins the count again, keeping Orton down till 7. Punk goes for a springboard clothesline, but Orton comes up with a kendo stick and uses it to absolutely wear out Punk. Orton hits Punk with a couple of big clotheslines before hitting his across the back backbreaker. Punk rolls to the apron and Orton goes over and grabs him by the head, attempting his rope assisted DDT, but Punk fights out and slingshots Orton into the exposed turnbuckle cover. The ref begins the count for both men, but both are up by 7.

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