Another Detailed Set Of WWE Extreme Rules Results

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Morrison crawls toward the cage door, but when he almost makes his way out, R-Truth comes down to the ring and knees Morrison's head, slamming it against the ring steps. Truth forces Morrison back into the ring, and he follows, beating Morrison down with punches and kicks before mounting him in the corner and wailing away on Morrison. Truth then turns to Cena, connecting with a big axe kick. Truth has a crazed look on his face.

Truth picks Morrison up, and delivers what looks to be a modified pay dirt. Truth climbs up to the top rope, and to the outside over the top of the cage. Truth's feet hit the floor, and he makes his way to the back, seething the whole time.

All three men are down, but Miz is the first to begin stirring. Miz begins climbing in the corner, making his way up over the top of the cage, but Cena grabs Miz's arms, refusing to let him fall to the floor. Cena grabs Miz in a headlock, and he and Miz end up straddling the cage trading punches. The crowd actually seems more behind Miz than Cena. Cena knocks Miz into the ring, still standing on the ropes, and when Cena tries to go to the outside, Miz grags him back in by his leg. Miz tries for the SCF from the top rope, but Cena fights it off. Cena shoulders Miz, and connects with the AA from the top rope, taking Miz down for the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

R-Truth is pissed off. Cena poses at the top of the cage with the title.

For another set of results from our live coverage here at, click here.

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