Another Detailed Set Of WWE Extreme Rules Results

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Winner by KO: Randy Orton

Orton poses for the crowd, to a big pop, while we get replays of the highlights of the match.

- Jerry Lawler is shown walking to the back to prepare for his match. It's worth noting that the Cole Mine is set up, so hopefully the WWE isn't showing their hand with Cole's match. Matthews and Booker run down the results of the draft, before talking about Sheamus' attack on Kofi Kingston this past Friday on Smackdown.


Sheamus is shown backstage pacing. He tells Teddy Long he doesn't like it one bit. Long says he's giving the WWE Universe a bonus match, and tonight Sheamus will be defending his title against Kofi in a table's match. Sheamus says he's upset because he's the US Champion and he's fighting someone that wasn't born in the US. Sheamus wants to see Kofi's birth certificate. Long says not to worry about it because after tonight, he may not even be the US Champion.

- Morrison is shown backstage briefly, warming up and doing some small parkour type stuff.

U.S. Championship
Tables Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

The bell rings, and we're ready to start. Sheamus tries to get the jump with a couple of clubbing blows, but Kofi uses his speed to catch Sheamus off guard. This goes back and forth for a bit before Kofi takes Sheamus down and mounts him with a series of punches. Kofi goes to the outside and goes under the ring for a table, but Sheamus comes right out and slams him into the ringside barricade before sliding the table back under the ring. Sheamus goes to the other side of the ring and grabs a different table, but he's cut off by Kofi who comes up with a huge kick to the side of the head. Kofi gets the table Sheamus brought out and sets it up between the ring and announce table. Kofi slams Sheamus' head into the table before laying him across. Kofi goes up to the ring apron, but Sheamus rolls off the table before Kingston leaps. Kofi follows Sheamus, but ends up being thrown into the barricade yet again.

Sheamus grabs another table, and sets this one up on the floor on the entrance ramp side. Sheamus tries for the razor's edge through the table, but Kingston fights out of it. Kingston goes into the ring, and when Sheamus tries to follow, Kofi almost sends him through the table, but Sheamus is able to catapult himself over the top rope and into Kofi to avoid going through the table. Sheamus goes out of the ring for another table, but when he tries to bring it in, Kofi stops him. Sheamus snaps Kofi's arm over the top rope before going back out, grabbing the table, and bringing it into the ring by slamming it directly into Kofi's stomach. Sheamus comes into the ring and picks up the table a couple of times before slamming it down on top of a prone Kingston.

Sheamus props the table up in the corner, slamming Kofi into the table head first. Sheamus picks Kingston up over his shoulder and he almost drives Kingston into the table, but Kofi rolls over, and rolls up Sheamus, leaping up and coming down across the Irish man with a big double stomp. Kingston sets Sheamus up on the table in the corner and comes in running but Sheamus moves. Kofi leaps up and straddles the table in the corner. Sheamuse goes for another razor's edge but Kofi gets out again. Kofi goes to the ring apron and tries to suplex Sheamus to the outside into the table, but Sheamus fights it off and comes up with the bicycle kick. Kofi avoids going through the table by leaping over it and to the arena floor.

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