Another Detailed Set Of WWE Extreme Rules Results

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Sheamus brings Kingston back into the ring where he immediately sets up the table. Sheamus puts Kofi on the top turnbuckle, and he tries to shoulder Kofi on the top turnbuckle, but Kofi fights out of it and knocks Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus comes right back with a big clubbing blow that knocks Kingston to the mat. Sheamus goes to the apron and tries to suplex Kofi to the outside through the table, but Kofi fights it off and comes up with the trouble in paradise, knocking Sheamus to the apron, and then the floor. Kofi goes to the top, and hits a boom drop on top of Sheamus who's lying over the table. Both men go through, and this one is over.

Winner and NEW US Champion: Kofi Kingston


Todd Grisham is shown backstage with R-Truth. Truth is pretty upset about losing his spot in the main event tonight. He says not only is he not in the main event, he's not on the whole show. Truth says no one knows what a nose knows. Truth says he smells a conspiracy. Truth says conspiracies are bad, as bad as John Morrison's breath. Truth says Miz and Cena don't want him in this match, and neither does someone else. Truth says Morrison stole Truth's opportunity to live his dream, and if there's one thing Truth can't stand, it's a thief.

Tag Team Country Whipping Match
Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger

Swagger and Michael Cole are the first two men out to the ring, and Cole has completely wrapped himself in bubble wrap. It's surprising how little the crowd is reacting for Cole, considering this match probably has the most build out of any on the entire card.

Cole has a mic in hand, and now the crowd's beginning to boo. Cole asks for the crowd's attention. He says everyone has been asking if he's scared of this match against JR and Lawler. Cole explains that he's an award winning journalist. Cole says he covered Waco, he spent nine months in Yugoslavia, covering the war. He says he's seen atrocities that would make everyone shake, so everyone is mistaken to think he's afraid. And when he and Jack Swagger beat JR and Lawler like a couple of government mules, they can stay in Florida, because like the crowd, they're old, useless, incontinent retirees. Cole and Swagger hug as JR's music hits.

JR gets a good reaction as he makes his way out, and as good as it is to see him on WWE PPV again, I wish it was in an announcing capacity so bad. Lawler is the next out to the entrance ramp, and he and JR walk down to the ring.

The bell rings, and not surprisingly Swagger and Lawler will be kicking things off. Swagger and Lawler both have their own straps, as do JR and Cole. Swagger backs into the corner, and JR whips him. Swagger turns around, and Lawler begins whipping Swagger repeatedly. Swagger tags out to Cole, who makes his way in, and is whipped by by Lawler and Ross, laughing it off the entire time. Cole gloats, saying he's smarter than Lawler, so Lawler clocks him with a big right and rips off the bubble wrap. Cole tags out to Swagger, who comes into the ring and shoulder blocks Lawler in the gut, in the corner. Swagger whips Lawler a couple of times before using his whip to secure Lawler to the middle rope. Swagger begins stomping at Lawler's ankle, before whipping at it.

Cole tags in to get in a couple of licks before taunting JR and tagging right back out. Swagger unties Lawler from the ropes so that he can send him across the ring hard. Swagger runs across the ring and goes for the Vader bomb, but King moves and Swagger hits the mat. King takes it to Swagger in the corner with a series of rights, but he's stopped when Cole whips him from behind. King turns his attention to Cole, until Swagger comes up from behind with a chop block. Swagger locks in the ankle lock, and keeps it on until JR whips him from behind. Swagger turns his attention to JR, and this allows Lawler to come up with a big right to take Swagger down.

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