Another Detailed Set Of WWE Extreme Rules Results

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Christian make his way back into the ring and sets up another ladder, but Del Rio is able to stop him as he makes his climb. Del Rio slams Christian head first into the ladder before propping it up in the corner and kicking away at Christian's head. Del Rio brings Christian to his feet and Christian begins fighting back. Christian tries to slam Del Rio into the ladder, but Del Rio counters. Del Rio almost locks in the arm bar, but Christian counters into the killswitch. Del Rio avoids it, but when he charges Christian he ends up being hot shotted directly into the ladder. Del Rio rolls to the apron, and when he stands Christian is there to greet him with a ladder to the face.

Christian sets the ladder up and begins the climb again, but Del Rio comes in the ring with another ladder and throws it up against Christian's back. Del Rio brings a step ladder into the ring, and uses it to give Christian a lung blower off the ladder. Del Rio takes it to Christian with a series of punches before Del Rio turns his attention to Christian's arm. Christian tries to fight back, but Del Rio slams Christian's arm into the ladder. Del Rio sets up another ladder in the corner, and slams Christian into it hard, but when he charges with the step ladder, Christian ducks and Del Rio runs face first into the ladder. Christian sets up said ladder in the ring, but he's not quite under the title.

Christian makes his way up the ladder, but Del Rio is there to follow. Del Rio gets Christian in powerbomb position, but Christian counters into a hurricarana that sends Del Rio to the apron. Del Rio tries to suplex Christian to the outside through the ladder set up between the ring and the announcer's table, but Christian counters, instead hitting a backdrop that sends Del Rio into yet another ladder. Christian goes up to the top turnbuckle with a ladder in his hands, but Del Rio comes up with a big kick and Christian falls from the turnbuckle down on top of the ladder. Del Rio grabs the ladder and begins the climb up toward the title.

Christian is able to tipthe ladder over, but Del Rio comes right back with a huge kick and he pounds on Christian until Christian rolls to the outside. Ricardo attempts to help by handing Del Rio a chair, but when he tries to use it on Christian, Christian reverses and sends Del Rio face first into the ring post. Christian goes back into the ring, and Del Rio does as well, but Christian stalks Del Rio, delivering a spear (to a huge pop from the crowd), before turning right back to the ladder.

Christian sets up the ladder and begins the climb, but Del Rio goes through the middle of the ladder and pulls Christian through the rungs, trapping him. Christian is able to fall through into the middle of the ladder and tip it over, sending Del Rio into the corner, before Del Rio can reach the title. Christian picks up the step ladder, but Del Rio dropkicks it into his face. Del Rio sends Christian to the outside on top of the set up ladder, and he climbs to the top turnbuckle. Del Rio comes off with what looks like a senton, with a nasty spill when Christian moves, and the ladder fails to break, instead sliding out of position and to the floor, almost on top of himself. Christian sets up the ladder, and climbs to the title, grabbing it, but Brodus Clay comes in out of nowhere, takes the ladder out from under Christian and pulls Christian down off of the title. Christian fights Clay off by slamming him into the ladder and hitting him with the step ladder, but it allows Del Rio to recover and hit Christian with a big kick before locking in the arm bar through the rungs of the step ladder.

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