Another Detailed Set Of WWE Extreme Rules Results

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Del Rio looks up to the title and he smiles before setting up the ladder underneath the belt. The crowd is chanting for Edge. Del Rio is close to the title, reaching for it. Edge pulls into the arena on a jeep and uses it to distract Del Rio, allowing Christian to knock Del Rio off of the ladder and into Ricardo and Brodus Clay in yet another really nasty spill. Christian sets up the ladder and begins climbing with Edge cheering him on the whole time. Christian reaches up and grabs the title, bringing it down and ending the match.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Christian

Christian sits on top of the ladder with the title, celebrating while the crowd is going nuts. Christian is bleeding from the forehead, and Edge is looking on happily. Christian makes his way down the ladder and begins celebrating with his good friend Edge. Christian is visibly emotional, but in a good way.

Christian has welts all over his body, but he couldn't look happier as the crowd cheers the new World Champion on.


Miz is shown backstage with Alex Riley standing alongside him. Riley is complaining about Miz's lot in the match, saying that he only has a 33% chance of winning. Riley says if Miz loses he's guaranteed a rematch, but then Riley stops himself, saying Miz will win because he's the Miz, and he's... but he's cut off by the Miz who tells him never to do that again.

Tag Team Championship
Lumberjack Match
Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett vs. Big Show and Kane (c)

The Lumberjacks are already standing ringside as the Corre make their way to the ring to very little reaction. Big Show and Kane are out next, and this little unscheduled buffer match is ready to begin.

Barrett and Show look to start things off for their respective teams. The bell rings and Show takes Barrett into the corner where he immediately lays in with a huge chop, then another. Show tags ou to Kane, who comes in and hits a low single leg dropkick to Barrett's face that's good for a two count. Barrett rolls to the outside and he's quickly rolled right back into the ring. Kane takes Barrett into the corner with a big clothesline before hitting a side slam. Kane calls for the chokeslam, but Barrett is able to surprise Kane with a kick before sending him to the outside where he's swarmed by the heels. Kane makes it back into the ring, and Show goes to the outside, breaking things up and rolling a couple of heels into the ring for Kane to take care of. This allows Jackson to tag in and get the upper hand on Kane though with a series of explosive offense.

Barrett tags in, only to quickly tag right back out to Jackson, who tries to hit a big clothesline, but misses. Another attempt, and this time both Jackson and Kane score with clotheslines and both are down. Both men make the tag and Show and Barrett come in. Show splashes Barrett in the corner, but when he runs the ropes, Jackson low bridges him and he falls to the outside where he's swarmed again. Show is thrown into the ring, and Jackson picks him up with a very impressive slam, but Barrett tags himself in. Barrett doesn't last long, as he's quickly put down with a big chokeslam from Show which is good for a three count.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Kane and Big Show

Following the match, Jackson looks unhappy with Barrett, and a brawl breaks out in the ringside area between all the lumberjacks. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel try to sneak attack Show and Kane, but they're met with dual chokeslams for their trouble.

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