Credit: Marques Crouch and

I just came back from the Extreme Rules Event from Tampa, FL and thought I would give some observations.

Crowd was hot and excited all night.

Sin Cara got a good response from the crowd for his dark match with Tyson Kidd. Sin Cara hit the his trampoline entrance perfectly so hopefully he's lost a lot of the nerves he's had from his debut.

Christian received the loudest reaction of the night when he grabbed the World Heavyweight Title to win the championship and received a great reaction when celebrating his win with Edge.

R-Truth was heavily booed during his interference in the Triple Threat Cage match and crowd gave him the "What" treatment during his backstage promo.

Decent Reaction for Kharma. It seemed like people were shocked at her size.

Crowd was about 60/40 for Cena.

After winning the WWE Championship and the show went off the air, Cena celebrated with the crowd and went towards the back, then came back out and stood on the announce table and stated that while winning the WWE Championship was big, that there was something bigger that happened and that Osama Bin Laden was killed, to which the crowd chanted USA.

All in all, great show and crowd was hot all night, and the fact that Bin Laden was announced as being killed capped off the night. I'm sorry but for celebrating a death, but if anyone's death should be celebrated, it should be Bin Laden.

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