Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia appeared on Monday's episode of the daytime syndicated medical/talk show The Doctors. A segment aired where Garcia's husband Chris, who was sitting in the audience, volunteered to get manscaped and waxed. She was shown laughing while the procedure took place.

-- Mike Nason sent the following message: I was watching "The Dr's." today on WHDH and they had a segment where an audience member volunteered to get 'manscaped/waxed' on his pelvic region. This was Lillian Garcia's husband as they repeatedly showed her in the crowd laughing as it happened and then mentioned that she was in fact the guy's wife. Pretty funny.

-- Ringside Collectibles has announced that their latest action figure is not only going to be of CM Punk, but it will be the masked "Straight Edge Society" version. It is scheduled to be released in mid-July.

-- Entertainment Weekly posted a story about The Big Show being cast in a role on USA's show Burn Notice.

-- Bushwhacker Luke Williams and Tom Pritchard are set to appear at seminars for New Jersey's IWF later this month. Check out for more details.

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