According to The Tampa Tribune, a Pinellas County, FL circuit judge has dismissed Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Wells Fargo insurance. Hogan had claimed that representatives of the company had not implored him to buy more car insurance, which he needed after his son Nick had a car accident on August 26th, 2007. That is the accident that left passenger John Graziano with brain damage and severely disabled for life.

Hogan had his cars insured for $250,000 each, and argued after the accident and the large payment that he had to make to the Graziano family, that the company hadn't properly informed him that he needed more coverage. Wells Fargo claims that they repeatedly asked Linda Hogan, who handled that aspect of the then-couple's affairs, to increase the family's coverage and she declined. The company sent letters in 2000, 2002, 2005 & 2007, and Linda rejected them all. In fact, one of the letters came just days before the accident in August of 2007.

On April 21st, the judge finally decided with Wells Fargo, stating that Hogan had not proven his claim against the insurance company. Hogan will not re-file, and has settled with Wells Fargo.

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